Yeah, I’m Back 2

Millions of fans & followers, and the few/the select/the loyal/the proud – the commenter’s – have been asking what wood it take to get Cafe Pasadena back together again to blog.

Not million$. We’ve got billions. In other words, this blog can’t be bought, or sold. But always willing to accept your donation$.

Nah, it wood have to bee something very important, world saving, like to usher in peace & free love, to say the least.  Obviously we’re blogging again in the free world. So what monumental event is the catalyst to bring Cafe Pasadena back together  to blog??!!


The Sky is BIG in Pasadena by Fuller Seminary’s Ben Wideman!!!


Ben has resurrected on his old blog while he & the family are vacationing here in Southern Cal!! It’s been a year since he left after graduating from Fuller to accept a pastorship in Pennsylvania. Now, y’all, or y’most, can understand what brought this blog back from the dead.

There’s only one thing you gotta do: please catch his vacation adventures, on The Sky (among other things!) is BIG in Pasadena.  (And leave a comment so he’ll know you came to visit while he was here vacationing)




Gotta Go Eat! Stay Thirsty My Friends

TheSky is BIG inPasadena1


8 responses to “Yeah, I’m Back 2

    • Well, you know my readers wood only think of making quality contributions.

      And, readers, another quality blog I can refer you to is Tales of the Castle Green

      I read your lastest wild tale: “employees have disappeared in the night”! And, the Colonial Society! What is their mission??
      I can only guess why the Board took control of the tours from the Friends of the Castle!

      Becky, keep up your wild, wonderful, writing of The Tales from the Castle Green on the world wide web!! Locals don’t know what they’re missing. 😉