Famous Musicians in Pasadena

On a recent hot Friday night, despite it being packed inside and out, I couldn’t help notice a couple of famous faces were making another appearance in Pasadena. At the Old Towne Pub.

While oblivious to everyone else at the Pub, even in the dim, intoxicating lights and darkness of a bar, I recognized who these two legends were.  It’s against my policy, but I just had to introduce myself:




Mr. Rickenbacker





Mr. Fender Stratocaster


A Rickenbacker guitar, with its unique sound, was played by John Lennon when The Beatles made their famous appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. The 60’s also gave Rickenbacker its best PR.

The Fender Stratocaster was made famous by Jimi Hendrix and is, imho, the most important guitar in Rock history.

BTW, both companies originated in Southern California.  If you love music, Rock in particular, you have to love these guitars.

These are just two of the many famous names in music history which have visited Pasadena:  hometown heroes Van Halen, of course, but also Michael Jackson (at the Pasadena Playhouse!), Phil Collins, Marvin Hamlisch who just died, U2, et al, etc!  Heck, there should be a series on music history of Pasadena.

What famous musical faces have you seen in our area??



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15 responses to “Famous Musicians in Pasadena

  1. I ran into Ray Manzarek at the San Gabriel Nursery. He was in the area taking advantage of our huge Japanese owned nursery with plans on heading to Claros. An Italian owned grocery in El Monte


    Yeah, I once walked past David Lee Roth in front of Stats during his fall from fame period. We smiled at one another

  2. Can’t think of any famous musical faces I’ve seen in Pasadena, but then, it would have to be such a famous face for me to recognize it all.

  3. Very interesting! I haven’t seen any famous musicians, but I did once see one of the Desperate Housewives in the looooooong bathroom line at the Pasadena Playhouse. But that wasn’t really the question, was it??

  4. My brother in San Diego who is a professional musician is a Stratocaster and Gibson man. I accidentally ran over my guitar a few years ago when I took it out of my trunk, set it down behind the car and forgot to take it inside. : (

  5. Interesting Cafe!!! I’m impressed that you would recognize the instruments…I never pay attention to what the musicians are playing! My ex had 1932 Gibson banjo that was stolen when our home was broken into…he was crushed!