Recognizing Girls Drawin Girls


How many of y’all, especially the gals, have checked out the current art exhibit at the new Flower Pepper Gallery & Bookstore?





That’s what I thot. Ok, well y’all don’t have much time – not much more than this old dog had to prepare this article despite knowing about this since almost Day 1!  It’s called GIRLS DRAWIN GIRLS. There has even been a series of art books on these artsy, but talented, gals.





I learned this all-female group was founded by artists Melody Severns of The Simpsons and Anne Walker a few years back.  Someone who I’ve been familiar with, & a local Pasadena area girl – Heather Sybil Chavez  – was instrumental in putting together this particular show.  Here’s just one sample of her work…




You can read more about the history of  Girls Drawin Girls at the links I’ve left.  However, the basic idea behind the Girls Drawin Girls, as I understand it, is to showcase the talents of female artists in the male dominated animation industry.  Their shows have emphasized a female perspective on the girlie pin-up and sexuality.





While you can purchase the art in this exhibit, Flower Pepper Gallery also has a few other art related items for sale such as a small selection of quality art books., and, jewelry!




I Like this one for some reason




Of course there is much, much, much more to view at the gallery than what I’ve exposed here to y’all.  





A new exhibition is going up on Saturday so I suggest you get over there PRONTO to support your Sistas!   And BTW, for my very talented, artsy readers:





Here’s where’s it’s happening in Old Town Pasadena.  Where exactly in Old Town?  Ok, across King Taco. Now I think at least the locals will know where it’s at!





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6 responses to “Recognizing Girls Drawin Girls

  1. I’m too late to see this exhibit but looks like the sistas have another show up. I can check it out during my lunch hour. Thanks for spreading the news about this gallery, Cafe.

  2. I think I do know where King Taco is – East LA. So you must be thinking of King Taco El Norte. Congratulations on your show sistas! I have heard it’s a guy thing so kudos to you