The Lady of Leisure Drive


You heard about the PIO’s, ahem, I mean the Lady of Leisure’s, Drink here.  But have your heard about the Lady of Leisure’s Drive?!

Well then, look at the scene I came upon as I was out trying to enjoy a leisurely stroll among government buildings the other morning – at CITIHALL:




My guess is this belongs to our  Pasadena PIO Emeritus.  Why? Lemme count the ways!

  1. It’s parked at Citihall.
  2. Citihall was where the pre-retired PIO used to work.  She still occasionally shows up there, as a “volunteer!”
  3. This is an automobile of the leisure class and for a leisurely drive.
  4. She’s not only a Lady of Leisure, but also of Style. And this jalopy is definitely Style! 
  5. This automobile goes hand in glove with her Signature Cocktail Drink!
  6. I showed this photo to the Lady of Leisure the other day.  Admittedly she didn’t confirm my suspicions, but, neither do I recall any denial!!
  7. I’m sure y’all could help me come up with countless more reasons why this is probably the Lady of Leisure’s Drive.

I rest my case!


But if  this canine somehows is mistaken in my assumption, well, then this vehicle must surely belong to one my lady blogger friends in the Pasadena area!   I mean, isn’t this something a “Goddess” would drive, Margaret Finnegan for instance, especially after the publishing of her new novel – The Goddess Lounge!


Gotta Go to Work. Stay Thirsty My Friends

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