An Unsung Hero in Pasadena

In Pasadena, like virtually all cities, we are bombarded by messages.  They take every shape, form, size, color, loudness, purpose, etc.

We basically have little option but to be subjected to them. But a big choice on whether we want to pay attention to them.

Last afternoon I was out walking. Coming home from my mechanic at the middle of a working day.  I was walking alone through the sizzling, sticky heat.  On a relatively deserted part of Pasadena City College (PCC). When I came upon this message, unexpectedly, on this multimedia Jumbotron at PCC and Colorado Boulevard!





There was beating, bright lights and color  And there was no one on the street corner there but me, and her.  Alicia Martinez. As the heat stuck closer to my body. I seen this young woman staring down on me from this corner of the Crown City.

An Unsung Hero, but Winner, it said.  Unexpected, and, Unknown to me. 

I know a Little Bit more now. While it’s still basically nothing – it’s something. One thing I do know is this Unsung Hero of PCC for 2012 must be special and her name should be shared with at least a few more in Pasadena beyond the ivory towers of PCC.  Here for a start.


PCC Social Sciences Alicia Martinez Honored!


So this is PCC’s Alicia Martinez, last month receiving her Unsung Hero recognition. And those look to be her co-workers, apparently envious of her award and seemingly wanting to claim if for themselves, LoL!


Unsung Hero per PCC a Image: PCC


Alicia Martinez, secretary in Pasadena City College’s Social Sciences Division, was honored by the PCC Academic Senate with the Unsung Hero Award. The Unsung Hero award is presented to a classified employee who has made significant contributions to the college and the community, while maintaining a good work record. – per PCC


So, after “all of this”, and while I still don’t know this winning lady, and vice-versa, I do know I should say this to The Unknown Friend:






Do you have any person in your life you so wish was recognized for their “heroic” efforts??


Gotta Get to Doing! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Pasadena Greetings2



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10 responses to “An Unsung Hero in Pasadena

    • Imagine all the people living life in real peace, imagine if I could write like my friends, imagine if it were really my Billboard. Ok, u can say I’m also a dreamer.

  1. Oh, to be on the Jumbotron! I’d like that better than the certificate. (Especially if my friends were coveting it, as Alicia’s seem to be!)