Music. Music, Music, Music!!


In communities around this land of ours Summer is a time for certain things to happen.

Music for one. It comes out in full force not just in the big, expensive concert halls, but also for free, or next to free, in the local neighborhood venues such as parks. And bookstores.

Pasadena has its share, to say the least, of music opportunities for we who live here, and you who may be visiting.  The arts, culture, have been a big part of our history almost since the begining.

Here are just some obvious examples of Free music in Pasadena 2012: Make Music Pasadena, & Levitt Pavilion Pasadena.


And, the 9th season of Jazz summer concerts at  Vroman’s Bookstore on Colorado Blvd:



This year I’ve gone to support local musicians, The Elliott Caine Quintet of South Pasadena, and last evening: the young & lovely singer Leila Avila of Pasadena.  Currently, Leila has a regular gig every Saturday night in Beverly Hills at The Montage Hotel.

The music may be Free to us, but the musicians are usually professional – sounds it to my sharp K9 ears!  And it sure beats suffering through a PowerPoint meeting! (Imho) Unless, of course you’re into that sort of entertainment.

I don’t know if my schedule will be open to attend on July 29th, but I do want to see again Jamila Ford’s model body and powerful, sultry voice in combo the week after! Jamila is an elegant, young woman who has been touring in Europe this summer, so if you can hear her sing for Free here in Pasadena you definitely don’t want to miss her!




But enuf about us! What about y’all?  Have you been to any of Pasadena’s freebie music events?  Or are you planning to go to any this summer??  You oughta. You can afford it.  They are usually SRO so don’t be late!


Gotta Turn Up The Music. Stay Thirsty My Friends

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8 responses to “Music. Music, Music, Music!!

  1. Thanks for the info! I knew about all the local concerts in the park, but had no idea about the Vroman’s series. Will try to catch at least one, before it’s too late.

    • You’ve also been in the Pasadena area for a while & this is the 1st you’ve heard about it too? Well, as I replied to Barbara before, the same goes here. Yes, try to listen in on one of these concerts this summer. Then blog about it! 🙂

    • “Beautiful,” is not the 1st word that comes to my mind about the Vroman’s Stage, JS. The blame probably lies with my photos. I’d call it more “functional” and “comfortable.”

  2. The proliferation of free live outdoor music in the LA area is a great development. It’s difficult to choose sometimes, among the offerings, and I didn’t even know about the Vroman’s stage. Summer is not the time to go away.

    • You know, I’m not surprised you haven’t even heard of the Vroman’s Stage for music. It’s 9th annual, btw. 😉 Just as I’m no longer too surprised by what even long-time Pasadena area residents have never experienced about Pasadena.

      Put it on your bucket list to do this summer, BF!