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DEDICATION: this article is Dedicated to KB, legally & lovingly aka The Altadena Hiker to her fellow hikers and bikers on the trails more or less traveled. It was the mention of her cheese orgies in one of her recent wonderful blog writings that got me on the road to eat some, cheese…


I briefly mentioned The Market on Holly  last August here at The Cafe Pasadena.   Now a bit more here.

What makes a restaurant, or any business, good?  One best practice is providing good customer service.  One form that takes is to not take your customers for granted, recognizing your regulars, and doing so in such a way that your customers can sense it.  I don’t think I should have to remind my readers what customer disservice can look like.

The Market on Holly in Old Town Pasadena (TMOH) is part of the new Raymond Renaissance project and the historic Pasadena Raymond Theatre next door.  Since it opened over a year ago I’ve been regularly showing up at TMOH.  Why?   The selection of food & drinks are good, of course, and  I look forward to the daily specials. However, it’s the good service from hiring good people which is their #1 in my book.

Briefly, what I mean in their case is they are friendly, helpful, and give virtually no attitude. I’m not saying everyone who works there should be working with people in a restaurant, but there really isn’t a single bad apple as I sit here today  putting pen to paper.  Management apparently knows how, and who, to hire for their type of business.  And this actually extends back into the kitchen staff as well.  Here is just a recent example of what I mean.

For various reasons, earlier this year my schedule got tossed & turned to the point I couldn’t get to TMOH for over a month.  When I finally “came back” virtually everyone at TMOH, upon seeing me, greeted me with basically a, “Where have you been?? We missed you/Good to see you again!”

This response came from, in addition to the employees, the chef/kitchen, and the owners/management.  This went on for several visits.  It’s something I would expect, logically, from all businesses.  But, Nope.  Unfortunately.

Even the owner of Maude Woods  next door (wife of the co-owner of TMOH), AND her supermodel employee,   missed me.  If you have a business can you imagine how your customers would respond to your business?  Actually, I felt a bit embarrassed and guilty for “taking some time off” from TMOH!


Another must practice is offering your customers/clients quality or good value.  Here’s is just the latest example from TMOH.  They are part of the current DineLA restaurant promotion.  Basically, each year participating restaurants in the Los Angeles area offer prix fixe meals for lunch and dinner at a discounted price.  Here is TMOH’s DineLA special:




And these were my choices from the above:



I don’t care for cilantro at all, but in this salad it worked, somehow





I don’t care for cheeze on much of anything except my Pizza. But this was good.




The only S’Mores bar I like enuf to buy again and again.  KNBC Channel 4 must’ve agreed with me since they came out to TMOH last year to put this on their station.





All the above for just $16.  That’s right = $16. No Typo.  It’s a very good value!  Visit them, especially during Dine LA through July 27th to take advantage of this offer.  Then lemme know what you think!


Tell me another thing: do you have a place you frequent to eat, where if you were to stop going for even just a month, they would notice and “welcome you back” with open arms?



Gotta Get Some Sleep.  Stay Thirsty My Friends!

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14 responses to “Dine LA / The Market on Holly

  1. I learned about TMOH from you, and now I am more convinced than ever that I need to make it part of my eating out routine–I love cheese (even if you don’t ) 🙂 and the pictures are gorgeous!

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  3. What?! You don’t like cheese?! It was good of you to endure it for the rest of us. I go to TMOH on a regular basis, but I have to say I do NOT get the royal treatment like you do. Maybe I have to turn up the charm.

    Thanks for the heads up on dineLA. That is quite a bargain.

    • Still??? Ann, t’s only a short walk from Citihall! 😉
      Ok, we got meet to eat there, PIO Emeritus: breakfast then the weekend, lunch/dinner then weekdays. Bring along anyone who likes to eat and I’ll give y’all a tour. Deal?! Lemme know.