I’ll Drink to That!


This was the Official Pasadena PIO Drink of the now retired Ann Erdman, PIO Emeritus.


P1710928a Spotted at The Castle Green in Pasadena. (Circa March 2012)



I met the successor PIO – William Boyer – a few weeks ago. Spotted him again at the Colorado Street Bridge Party. But I turned my head for a minute to address the movement on my shoulder, and when I looked again he was gone!  Next time I see him I hope to have his Signature Cocktail for your drinking pleasure.


Curious, have any of you out there had Ann’s cocktail? Or, what’s your signature hard drink?



Gotta drink a Dos Equs. Stay Thirsty My Friends

Pasadena Greetings2



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6 responses to “I’ll Drink to That!

  1. Mmmm… I like ginger and lime in a drink, too, Jean. Not signature either. I’m not usually a tequila lover but I had a margarita the other night that was delish! Ok, I had two and I’m craving another.

  2. Same thing here. but it wasn’t the successor PIO and it wasn’t the bridge. It was Vanda at the PCC swap meet. So glad you linked the Hotel Green web site. I was all over your blog roll the other day looking for it

    • It’s listed under Pasadena Blogroll: Tales of the Castle Green.
      I hope more locals find & support her Castle Green writing! Woodn’t want her blog to be another that bit the dust cuz of lack of interest, and over interest in others!