You’re Welcome



…to Pasadena Heritage’s 35th Birthday Party on the Colorado Street Bridge, this Saturday night!

I put the details – just for you – on the mantle in the photo below:



Pasadena Heritage World Headquarters


What?   You can’t read it?  I enlarged this photo for y’all!  Alright, ok, stop the meows & other catcalls.  For those of you who don’t have 20/20 eyesight, or a 20/20 sharp computer monitor, here’s closer look of the information you need to party on Sui…, ahem, the Colorado Street Bridge:





If you live and/or work in Pasadena, especially, but have never been to one of these bridge parties, then this is for you! Try to make at least one – like this one.





There isn’t much more for me to add to the above, except please support this group of hard working people/volunteers who care about preserving at least some of the good of the past in Pasadena for us and future generations. 

So after all this effort on your behalf, are you planning on attending the party??  😉


Oh, and I forgot just one more thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASADENA HERITAGE!



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