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Last month I had a nice chat on local history with author/journalist Kevin Roderick at the LitFest Pasadena where he was promoting his excellent Los Angeles history books on Wilshire Boulevard, and the San Fernando Valley.  He’s the founder/publisher/editor of the equally excellent  LA Observed, and his past includes 25 years at the Los Angeles Times (Times).


Days after LitFest, I was at the The Times landmark HQ building downtown.  I happen to know a editor/writer at the Times, and now I’m acquainted with a few more of their staff writers.  This is the first of a series of stories I’ll write from my time there, sooner or later!  Come to think of it, I’ve been in newspaper buildings relatively often this year. It wasn’t a New Years Resolution, LoL.


As I was unwinding my way through the Times tunnels to leave, in need of a nap, I happened to walk past the dark tunnel leading to this quiet, lifeless office:




It appeared closed in the midst of a busy weekday, which I thought odd for a magazine editorial department.

A day after this, I was reading LA Observed and something down below caught my eye. A story by Roderick: LA Times Kills the Sunday Magazine – again.  A little surprised. Sad to see it go, especially since I enjoy similar magazines from the NY Times & Wall St Journal. Nice Sunday reading material.

Did you ever read the Los Angles Times Sunday Magazine, and if so, what did you think of it?

So this past Sunday, June 3rd, was the last Times Sunday Magazine.  It just so happens the last issue included a story on an acquaintance!  I mentioned to this person I would write about it on the old blog. I hope to do that, sooner or later!




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  1. There have been a few exceptions. The Wall Street Journal has ramped up its WSJ Magazine, and the New York Times its T magazine, to target luxury consumers and attract high-end advertisers.

  2. That’s sad; I’m moving to the area from New York soon, and was looking forward to having as many cultural inputs as possible as I try to acquaint myself with Los Angeles. On the flip side, I don’t think anyone could possibly be surprised that a glossy once-per-week local magazine couldn’t compete against the steady stream of blogs focusing on local news and events.

  3. How sad, puppy! Not that I pick up the papers to read very often, but I love the magazine lift-outs they include in the weekend editions here. A great companion to a relaxed coffee and brunch.

  4. This is very sad news. I remember reading and enjoying the LA Sunday Times Magazine. I’m sad each time any bookstore, publisher, magazine, or newspaper goes under. A sad sign of our times.

  5. Your photograph, very moody and interesting. I haven’t seen the Sunday supplement in a very long time, although we are loyal weekend subscribers. Oh well. I try not to get too attached to any particular part of the paper, or papers, or newspapers in general. They’re going the way of all flesh.

    • Maybe you can paint a version of my foto, BF!
      And, you’re not gonna see the supplement for a lil longer still! In this age there’s less reason to get your news from one paper/source.

  6. I say better sooner then later. Yes, I liked the Sunday supplement. That is when I got it. A while ago the Times was caught putting the supplement in papers that were headed towards tonier “adjacents” then mine.