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I’ve mentioned here before the difficulty I encounter to blog and how I envy those of you who have the time & organization to blog more than once a week, and even daily!

One problem I have with blogging is just deciding on the subject! It’s not for a lack of topics.  Actually the amount of material can so overwhelm me to the point of paralyzing me from blogging until another day, or week. I call it Bloggers Block.

Luckily I didn’t have to postpone today’s post to another day. It took only 2-3 minutes to find & decide upon…Cafe Pasadena’s Believe It or Not!  Besides, it’s been waiting over 2 years for its turn, so it’s about time.


So, what’s with this blog post?




Pictured above I’m at the new Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe, between the Paseo Colorado & Citihall, back in 2010 about a month prior to its opening. (Has it been over 2 years already??)

There are numerous things, to say the least, which need to be done prior to opening a restaurant, or any business.  The activities on that particular day were part of menu planning. While the menu would be basically like the original Euro Pane, the new would have a few new wrinkles added.

On this same day I photographed the professional photographer above.  He was there with his wife. They are professional photographers & filmmakers specializing in travel. When they arrived they got most of our attention temporarily off the restaurant/food and onto their travel work and their Canon camera! 

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a couple of my women friends discussing photography with this photographer. Although not pros, they definitely sounded like serious amateur photogs compared to me!  I still use only a point & shoot and ask questions later camera as my only weapon. I’m not ready to advance to the next Xpen$ive camera yet.


Food & Photography: When opposites attract. 


Food is the main purpose for my carrying a camera. What is your chief reason to have a camera??



Gotta Point & Shoot. Stay Thirsty My Friends



10 responses to “The Photographers Photographer

  1. I am definitely not in the group of bloggers who can blog more than once a week. I’m lucky if I can do it once a month these days. You’re way ahead of me, Cafe.

    I like the “new” Euro Pane too. It’s quite yummy.

    PA, I saw John C Reilly at the Coffee Gallery a few years ago. Celebrity sightings are always fun.

    Oh, and on the rare occasions I carry a camera it’s to catch the antics of one of the pitties, of course – usually Tommy.

  2. Is Euro Pane considered a chain? I think I’ve passed a few in the more well healed communities. If you need something to write about, consider El Patron at the top of Lake. I was there last night and had a celebrity sighting – John C Reily