The Literary Life


Do you like to Read?

And if you do, do you actually do Read?






Do you have a favorite Ipadstore, or, bookstore, In or Out of Pasadena?

What makes it your kinda place to be?







Gotta Check Out a Few Things. Stay Thirsty My Friends

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12 responses to “The Literary Life

  1. yes and yes…anywhere I find one I want to read!!! Just recently I read a book on my iPhone!!! It sure lightens the load in my purse compared to a paper back!!!

  2. Susan makes a good point. All these writers in the denas and beyond seem to be canine centered. I remember used book stores being the domaine of cats. This change is un-American.

    btw: did you make it to the fest?

    • Pasadena area writers now being canine centered I credit to evolutionary progress. I did make the LitFest. Although I went chiefly to support a couple of writers I know, and the PIO, who were at the Fest I was surprised at how many other people I know who were there.

      Of course I also met some newbies. I found Councilwoman McAustin standing right next to me and we had a nice chat. I can see her as the next Mayor.

  3. I love to read but rarely have the time to indulge in bookstore browsing now that I care for 4 furry creatures. I miss my days in Seattle when I spent hours on end in Twice Sold Tales, They love cats there, Cafe, so you might not fall in love. Powell’s is one of my favorites up north, too. These days it’s a thrill to get an hour in Vroman’s.

    • SC, sounds like you were probably younger & irresponsible, which could have allowed you more freedom to browse for days & hours on end. One day I hope to have the days & hours on end to organize one of my field trips for Pasadena area locos to one of our old bookshops – but only if I knew locals wood come.

  4. I love reading, puppy dog, but I’m shamefully behind on it. I find the easiest way around that at the moment is to procure beautiful coffee table books and look at the pretty pictures. Have a sweet week.

    • Many of the things we love to do we usually have difficulties doing. I’s like to see one of your beautiful coffee table books on your blog one day!

    • Painting & reading! They require time & concentration. JS, you have my admiration.
      Otherwise, from what I see here it’s more like Pasadena literary lifeless!