Customer Disservice 2

It’s about time for another serving of disservice to your loyal canine, patient customer! Actually it’s way past time. I’m sorry. These could be done on a daily basis.

Customer Disservice:  I can’t define it exactly, but I know it when I see it. And so have you! It leaves you with that bitter aftertaste of, “I don’t really want to come back here again if I can avoid it!”

In the first installment of this endless series, I talked about my Jersey Mike’s Sub experience back in November.  The main disservice I encountered there was they charged me for both sub sandwiches despite having given them their Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon!

Now a similar story at a joint I’ve regularly spent my hard earned dough on: one of our local El Pollo Loco’s.

El Pollo Loco (EPL) has a “$1 OFF on your next purchase of $5 or More” offer on the back of their receipts – If, you “tell us about us” in a survey.  Once completed you get a number code to take to EPL to receive your discount.




I usually don’t take the survey.  They’re  only offering you a buck afterall for valuable customer feedback. But when I do, I take it to EPL and expect to get my $1 savings. 

So off I went recently to the local EPL to check out their new Avocado Bacon Tostada.

Two customers are ahead of me, one behind.  With one girl in front to take us all. But it’s the in between lunch & supper slow period.  Still, the order taking is going kinda slow.

Finally, my turn. “Avocado Bacon Tostada, to go”  Give her my $1 discount.  A few seconds die off. “It won’t take the coupon”, she says.  What?   I tell the gal, “I followed directions. Took their survey. And got the code number from the EPL survey.”   No response.  I ask the gal, “so what can we do about it?!”   She “doesn’t know.”  I have a second $1 discount with another code, “I’ll be back in a second.”



Avocado Bacon Tostada


I’m back in flash only to be back of a line of about 5-6 now.  As I wait my turn, (again!), I’m thinking if they refuse to accept this discount as well, it will be two in one day, and the third in a month!  What kinda of a secret game is EPL playing over a buck??  Oh, I know, they may try to blame their customer for the problem as most companies first try to do.

It’s my turn (again) to order. By now it’s been about 15 minutes since my arrival at this place.  Repeat my order of 10 minutes earlier & give another $1 discount coupon to the cashier. By now I’m kinda expecting my bad luck to kick-in and have this discount rejected for no good reason too.  I guess my bad luck ran out – EPL is gonna let me save a buck!

But I’m not done with the story.  I’ve only ordered. Twice, in 15 minutes.

Next is an extended wait to receive my order –  a Tostada Salad. Just one item. I remind you this wasn’t a particularly busy period. Even the person in line behind me got his salad ahead of me – about 3-4 minutes before!  I mentioned that to the manager & all she could say was, “It’s coming!”

While in this waiting room my thoughts cook on, “should I ask say more to the manager?”  I didn’t have to say a word.  My non-verbal communication must’ve done the talking cuz I was given a free chicken burrito. 

Five to ten minutes was the food wait.  Added up to at least 20 minutes (felt longer) between the time I first got in line (with 2 customers ahead of me) and receiving my order of one item!  Most of this delay was due to EPL rejecting a $1 discount validated by a code they gave to me.  The second such screw-up in a month.


Was it worth the wait for only a dollar??  On hindsight, in my situation of course not!   So now we can add the customer is disserved where a business refuses to honor their discount for no good reason to when a business forgets to give you a discount. 

Any of you been disserved in a similar manner?


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