The Rainbow City


Yesterday was Friday the 13th.  (Yes, I know.)

But here in Pasadena, California, USA it was just another rainbow, ahem, Double rainbow type of day in the city.


Double Rainbow Friday the 13th

Pasadena Citihall



Gotta Chase Some Rainbows. Stay Thirsty My Friends

Rose Wet_thumb a


18 responses to “The Rainbow City

    • Thanks, but it could’ve been better if I wasn’t also talking with another photographer & also watching that I woodn’t be runned over by a driver as she looked at the rainbows.

    • Well I know of only 1 other photographer, from AZ, who was also taking pics of this. When I 1st saw the rainbow I thot, “What?? Oh man, do I really have to stop, get out of my car, and take pictures – NOW!?!? Can’t I do it later?? Guess so.”

  1. My beloved grandmother was born on Friday April 13 in the year 1900. Rainbows for everyone!

    btw: like this new blog color combination soooo much better then the black with white type (which is so hard on the eyes)