Politicians, Law Enforcement, & Bureaucracy

How quickly things change in the twilight world of politics and government.




Mayor Bogaard under the watchful eyes and ears of your trusty canine, and the also the police led by Chief Sanchez. The 2012 Pasadena State of The City.




LA 171388.ME.0331.Pasadena-Chief.001.IK.JPG Chief Sanchez under the watchful eyes & ears of Mayor Bogaard.  Explaining a killing to the New Revelation Missionary Baptist Church, Pasadena CA. (LATimes 4/1/12)



Unfortunately, I’m wasn’t talking about the type of change we can believe in: new representatives, senators, Presidents, councilpersons, etc. Fresh flesh & blood taking office with, maybe, some refreshing ideas.

So what is the state of The City today?



Gotta Move On. Stay Thirsty My Friends



4 responses to “Politicians, Law Enforcement, & Bureaucracy

    • Lettuce wait until all the facts are in, SC, before we pronounce judgement. For example, unarmed doesn’t mean non-violent or unaggressive.
      And also read/comment on Rebecca’s new blog on the old Castle Green. She lives there so this is gonna be her history specialty. Tales of Castle Green

    • I woodn’t mind you being Chief of Police, PA.
      And, did u ck out my new friends blog dealing with the Hotel/Castle Green?? Leave her a comment. She, we, don’t write these things for only ourselves as you know. Tales of Castle Green. She lives there so she’s gonna dig out some interesting insider stories for us.