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Pasadena has a rich history in hotels going back to it’s earliest days as a city in the 19th century.  Hospitality, the railroad, and wonderful weather were among major reasons for its growth.

The Hotel Green was one of the earliest hotels built, along with The Raymond about a mile to its south.  Located in Old Town Pasadena at the corner of Raymond & Green, the first portion of the Hotel Green was built in 1887.  Actually it was first named the Webster Hotel.  But Webster, due to financial difficulties, shortly sold out to his friend Colonel G.G. Green. Additions to the hotel would be made over the next 20 years, extending west across Raymond Avenue.

It’s Moorish design gives it a castle-like appearance. Certainly eye catching appeal even to this day.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive history of the Hotel/Castle Green by any means – just a short chapter in its long storied past in this city.  Please take note that at least once each year Castle Green gives tours to the public for a nominal fee. There is a tour this April as a matter of fact. I recommend you check it out if you’re a Pasadenan or just like architectural history.



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The Green has been a major social center since its inception. In 1891 President Benjamin Harrison visited Pasadena and the hotel.  Many gentlemen came to fill its largest hall to see the President. I have a photo of that somewhere!  John D. Rockefeller, and President’s Cleveland & Teddy Roosevelt are just a few of the dignitaries who have felt the hospitality of the Green.

And of course, all kinds parties have been held at the Green. Such as the above, “Tacky Party is Planned for Green”:  Hotel Green will be the scene of a unique party this evening.  (They don’t give wild parties like that anymore!  Or, do they??)




PSN 4-12-1924 HotelGreen a


Most of the original big resort hotels would meet their death in the 1930’s.  This was the period of The Great Depression and it even affected the wealthy who came to visit and/or live in Pasadena.   It didn’t help that newer, “better” hotels continued to be built. 

The bridge over Raymond Avenue connecting the original east wing with the remaining West Wing would meet an earlier death in 1929.   With it’s blood supply line now figuratively cutoff, it’s no surprise the original Green hotel east of Raymond Avenue (except for a 1 story slice at the corner of Green & Raymond) would meet its own demolition by 1935.

What remains of the Hotel Green is now called the Castle Green.  The hotel has conformed into condos/apartments.  I suppose who can blame evolution or progress for that.  However, during its long history the Hotel Green has suffered many ownership and name changes!   Recall, it was the Webster before it was the Green!  Hotel Pasadena and Hotel Parkview were other names for instance!

But, to get back to the articles, as you can read above and below, in 1924 they were already believing the Hotel Green’s best days as a hotel were in the past.   In fact just a decade later the original hotel would be basically destroyed.  Nevertheless its remains remain a Pasadena historical landmark.



“Castle Green is a thoroughly Class A building.” “Pasadena may well be proud of Castle Green and no work I have ever untaken has given me greater pleasure.”



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  1. I’m attempting a semi factual account of life at Castle Green, past and present, and this was a very neat fact. Thank you!


    • I’m glad it only takes a bit of your time, PA. Can you imagine if I started including VIDEO’s with these things!! (Don’t worry – I woodn’t do that to you)

      • If you put in videos – you would still have me as a visitor. So is STATS part of the original Castle Green? It’s flat roof makes me think it might of been sliced.

        “Nevertheless its remains remain a Pasadena historical landmark” I rather like that sentence

  2. Well, I have several friends who live there and yes, these ‘parties’ do continue at times. There are a lot of private parties which contain art, wine and sometimes historic dressups. There are also events for the public as well. The place is amazing.

    • I can only imagine what those private parties are like!
      Btw, I also Like your Pomona-oriented blog. What brought an LA native out east? I hope at least a few of my few readers ck your blog out.

  3. You’re really good at these history posts, Cafe! I’ve never been inside the Castle Green so I definitely want to catch a tour one year – maybe this one.

    So did you go to the Big party Friday night?

    • You’re generous with your history praise! I barely have time to do more than brief bits & pieces of city history: I simply open doors and hope others will want to walk into more research themselves.

      Sun afternoon on 4/22 is your chance to tour out the Castle!

      What Big Party? Were you there, or who??

    • Yes, and well, somebody has to read those old newspapers!
      And if you like LA history, too, I sometimes write about it. A couple of weeks ago I posted on the Ansel Adams photo exhibit.

  4. Castle Green has always fascinated me. What fun it was to actually go inside when an old friend invited me to her wedding there! Beautiful place full of history….thanks for the story!