“FIRE!” (Hey! Quiet in the Theatre!)


Lately been reading the local papers about theatres.  Which recalls in this PC world of conversation one thing we still can’t, or aren’t, supposed to say is, “FIRE!”, in a crowded theatre. At least last I checked we weren’t.

I’m not much of a movie goer in comparison to being a theatre goer.  Truly, truly, I say this to you!  However, it might be a good idea to not only know where the exits are, but maybe also know where the fire extinguisher is as well!  Lemme go check…






Depending upon the theatre you may find yourself turning & marching in a narrow staircase.  But be glad if there’s no theater crowd with you.





Huh, I guess this look like the place.  The Blower Room is where the fire extinguisher is kept!






And here is the answer to, God Forbid!,  “Fire in the theatre!”  Tucked away in a corner in clear sight.  It wood bee nice to have one of these “El Capitan Theatre” model fire extinguishers.  If it’s good enuf for a big old theatre then it’s should be good enuf for my hole in the wall.

The film “Citizen Kane” received its world premiere at this theatre.  It is considered by some to be the greatest film of all times!  I believe the decision to use the El Capitan had something to do with director Orson Welles having some type of beef with Bill Hearst and/or his Hearst newspapers.  Sorry I’m drawing a blank here but my entertainment history pales in comparison to everyone else, even though I know people who actually make a living from this sort of thing.





Oh, but where’s the, “Blower”, of the “Blower Room”?  Well, that’s for a future installment one of these months or years. For now lettuce just say the blower and the extinguisher make a complimentary couple.


I can now say the most interesting dog in the world does not panic or worry if he hears, “Fire”, in a crowded theatre.



Gotta Get Outta Here! Stay Thirsty My Friends



6 responses to ““FIRE!” (Hey! Quiet in the Theatre!)

  1. OK, so I’ve lived in this area for 21 years and still have never been to the El Capitan. Thankfully it never burned to ground, which means there’s still time!

  2. I heard on NPR “Citizen Kane” was screened recently at Hearst Castle. Apparently his heirs viewed the film as a work of fiction and not a true representation of Hearst, whereas Hearst felt it was about him and that pissed him off.

    Or something like that… So what did you see at El Capitan, Cafe?

    Chieftess, that’s a great story!

  3. Ahhhh…the El Capitan!!! Love those old theaters in Hollywood…
    I was in the Pantages when it was still a movie theater…we were sitting in the balcony when there was about a 4.0 aftershock from the big 70’s earthquake…a few people left, but we stayed…then, about a half hour later another one hit…I think half the theater got up and left…but we stayed..after all, we were watching My Fair Lady!!!