The State of The City

The annual State of The City of Pasadena (SOC) presented by the Mayor took place last month. Similar but more substantive than the USA’s State of the Union, the SOC basically reviews the highlights & challenges of the prior year and the opportunities & challenges of the new year. 

The audience is heavily filled with government employees. The next largest attendees appear to desire or have some indirect connection with the city’s business. 

A theme is chosen – this year its “Spotlight on Performance.” Typically some form of entertainment is presented, the color guard marches in and the audience rises up to salute & recite the pledge of allegiance. A video is shown of the prior year, applause, then the Mayor comes to the podium to tell us what’s up in The City. 

Each year the SOC is held at a different venue. The new A Noise Within Theatre was it for 2012. Mayor Bogaard thanked Geoff Elliot & Julia Rodriquez-Elliot of A Noise Within for hosting the SOC. Here are a few scenes of this annual drama…


The colors were presented



Julia Rodriquez-Elliot of A Noise Within welcome everybody to her new showplace.

Julia Rodqriquez-Elliott



The Mayor spoke while under the sharp canine ears of your trusty correspondent, and the watchful eye of law enforcement.




As I was checking out the new A Noise Within facilities I noticed Chief of Police Sanchez walking in. I met him, along with his family, a couple of times last year.  But this was a new year. I tested him on the spot:

CP:  Chief, Chief! Hi, Chief. Good to see you here!  Do you remember me??

Chief:  Oh, yeah. Sure! Sure I remember you. How are you?



I was getting restless just sitting there. Got up and stretched my limbs around.




The Mayor’s message this year was again about the fiscal problems brought on by the economic repression we’ve been in for four years now at least.  Sales tax revenue is down again, money lost from Governor Brown’s decision to scrap city redevelopment agencies, in debt to high pension liabilities, unreimbursed costs from the federal/state government for The Great Windstorm of 2011.  All this leads to making more difficult cuts to balance the city’s budget such as job layoffs.  But!, alas, this is Pasadena & it’s great people will again live to survive and thrive for another year!  We are a sacrificial people.


I’ve been to a couple of these SOC’s in the past.  In case you missed this edition here are is a of link full of text: Text of Mayor’s State of The City Address.  The Mayor, and now Cafe Pasadena, have looked back into the old year.  With that, it’s time to move forward into the New Year.



So, there you have it: The State of The City – Pasadena, California.





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  1. State of the City v.2013 is coming up Thurs, Jan 24 at Caltech/Beckman. See you there! Nice to see you today and connect a “real person & face” to your online avatar! (Sorry I didn’t make/remember the connection earlier!)