2011: Food & Weather

We’re almost to the end of our year-end review of the recent passing of 2011.


Talking food/restaurants has always been a major theme here at the Cafe Pasadena. 2011 was no different. And this dog will follow tasty smells even if it means leaving the rosy royalty of Pasadena.  A case in point: MO-CHICA Peruvian restaurant in Los Angeles near USC.


Pasadena is known for it’s wonderful weather. In yesteryears it was a prime factor for seducing outsiders from Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, ANYWHERE, etc, to move and/or vacation here, and then become an official, formal city in 1886.  Weather and its health benefits have been a part of our history.  Even now Pasadena is known for it’s unbelievable,  history-making weather as 2011 proved: WINDSTORM 2011!


Wonder how many readers have eaten Peruvian food, or even remember where they were when the winds hit??



Gotta Hit The Road!  Stay Thirsty My Friends


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