Rose Parade: Final Appeals!

I’ve mentioned before that the week between Christmas & New Years is more hectic than any other for the Tournament of Roses (ToR).  But maybe I haven’t said how crazy it can be. In these final days leading up to our Rose Parade on Monday, the ToR issued these urgent appeals:


The recent weather, wind & freezing temps, have destroyed thousands of blossoms. Therefore, there is a great need for replacements, for flowers. because of the recent weather. It was “imperative that anyone having flowers, of any description”, get them to one of the collection locations.

Any owners of automobiles or carriages are requested to spare a few hours to collect flowers and deliver to one of the flower collection centers.

No one had yet offered flowers for the use of C.P. Rodgers aeroplane to bombard parade spectators. “We must have them from somebody”  for this feature of having flowers dropped from an aeroplane while the eastern part of the country is covered with snow is going to appeal to the people all over the country. It must be a success and all that is needed to make it so is the support of of some public spirited person to supply the flowers!”

All entries into the parade had to be entered by Saturday, December 30th.

“Every Pasadenan must do his part to make this tournament The tournament.”

With 5 days remaining before Pasadena’s annual ToR parade, the directors of the ToR announced that their membership was only 720. “It is almost imperative that the total reach 1200.” The people of the ToR have labored long and their plans to insure the celebration next Monday to make the city proud, “but they must have the support which they deserve.” “Time is growing short. More citizens must do their duty to the city!” The ToR urged “every man who calls Pasadenan his home to invest $5 in the ToR association and take his interest out in civic satisfaction.”

“The ToR parade will be the finest ever, next Monday,.. if all who are able to help do so! With proper cooperation Pasadena will give a pageant on Monday that will be of inestimable value to this city. Thanking in advance all those who respond to this appeal.”

The final appeal to Pasadenan’s, on December 30th, by ToR President E.T. Off, included: “The success of this tournament is in jeopardy unless everyone helps. We simply must have flowers, for thousands on thousands of blossom have been destroyed by the weather. We need all the automobiles we can get hold of…and trust that everyone who possibly can, will put their machines at our disposal. “I want to thank all those who have helped us of so far, but let me say again, we must have everyone’s help or the tournament will be a FAILURE.”








You probably knew the last week leading up to the parade is very hectic. Yet, despite these urgent appeals I’m sure many of you still didn’t hear this last news. What a shame if you’re a local.  As you view the latest installment this Monday of the amazing Roses Parade, listen to the bands & beautiful gals, also recall pilot C.P. Rodgers’ thrilling aerial bombardment of flowers upon the parade route, then the chariot races and the Wild West Show between the race heats, and to top it off the parade & karnival to close it all at night, just remember the sacrificial & stressful, volunteer efforts of the Tournament of Roses and all associated with them to bring off that 23rd annual Pasadena Tournament of Roses on that Monday in January, 1912…and now also on this Monday in January, 2012.






Btw, in case you were wondering about today’s parade weather?  Here’s the prophecy from 100 years ago: Monday will be clear, warm, nice. Don’t believe me?? Step outside my fellow Pasadenan’s…





Gotta Watch the 123rd Rose Parade. Stay Thirsty My Friends


11 responses to “Rose Parade: Final Appeals!

  1. Reading this in Michigan, I am living vicariously … I loved my visit to Pasadena and can’t imagine anything cooler than being able to see the parade. What a beautiful place!

  2. I was taking this all literally until I scrolled further down. I thought asking me to sacrifice my rose garden was beyond the call of duty – beyond mine at least. You must be hanging out at the history channel