Happy NEW Year (! or ?)

Lemme be the 1st, or 1millionth, to say to my blog family: I wish y’all have a Happy New Year.

So this is the New Year. And what have we done? Another year older along with the old year, and a new year just begun to get older still??  Life is what happens to us when we’re not seeing.

2011 is not only an old year, but I sense it may have been one of the less happy years for many. And while this writer can’t say it was an unhappy year, I can say without hesitation that I am glad 2011 is old and in my rear view mirror! I can recall hearing an unusual amount of difficult stories from those I know. Plus overhearing from many I don’t know bits & pieces of lives in struggle.

So yet again, as all generations before, we write the year of the date with a different number. But lettuce not fool ourselves, we’ve gone through this every year of our lives, we know what follows with the changing of the year and how this and all new years end.  Our lives remain the same. “Happy New Years” isn’t even like, “say the magic words”, and changing the date doesn’t add up to the winning lotto number.  Unless, along with the date, and “Happy New Years” becoming more than a wishful greeting, we also change.

I still need to be reminded of this lesson. Simply writing a new date or making new years resolutions adds up to nothing.  Nothing changes nothing – without change.

Therefore, I’m praying you can start from this 1st day forward of the new year having a new torch of thinking/doing now passed to you.  And I hope you can begin this latest year long marathon with, at the very least nor more important than, good health, a good spirit, some wisdom, and an adequate source of income. Many are highly educated by college and unwise in life. Becoming ill can also make us unemployed.  But I know losing a job today isn’t like finding a new job yesterday.   

Wherever you/me are in life today: hope, pray, seek connection, and never, ever, give up you creation of God.  Therefore, in conclusion…



Happy 2012 My Friends, from Pasadena, California!




Gotta Start This Year on The Right Road. Stay Thirsty My Friends


10 responses to “Happy NEW Year (! or ?)

  1. Happy New Year, Cafe. I enjoyed your reflections.

    My life this past year was consumed by moving and getting settled in my new home as well as taking in the new pooch. It’s been a whirlwind but not a bad year for me personally. I hope in 2012 to get more balance and to be able to focus on creative pursuits.

    But I like how you’ve distilled it here: “good health, a good spirit, some wisdom and an adequate source of income.” These basic qualities would make for a very good year indeed.

    (Justin, I hope you and your friends have a better year. Sounds like 2011 was awful. My condolences.)

  2. Thanks, Cafe. You’re right–change doesn’t happen on its own, we have to make it happen. I’m fortunate that I get to be creative and I hope that continues. I’d like to see 2012 as a more prosperous year (financially) for many of us. And I want PA to get her pony.

    • And I can only hope 12 is not another 11, or worse! But 12 is the number for a Prez election so the trash is there, I’m afraid, to start a wildfire this yr.

  3. As Charles Dickens put it, these are the best of times and the worst of times. I say it is what it is and we try to make the best of what we’ve got. 2012 is a blank slate – let’s write happy things on it! Much joy and many blessings to all on this New Years Day!

    • Thks, LAW., and same to y’all.
      Dickens is correct to a point. But I’m just wondering if the ratio of best to worst times was tipped more to the worst in 2011.

  4. There has not been a year to which I have been more happy to wave goodbye. 3 friends filed for divorce, 3 friends lost babies, 1 friend killed in a car accident. And like you said, that doesn’t seem to be all that abnormal this year. I hope everyone has a better 2012 than they did 2011.

    • And I was just reading this morning from another person giving their similar experience. (Btw, one ny resolution is to get that card to you! One of my 2011 failures!) I wouldn’t wish an even worse 2012 on just about anyone.

      Thks, PA. Hope your 12 is better than the 11.

  5. Very thoughtful post. Yes, a happy new year to all.

    I have mixed feelings about 2011. I miss the unexpected departure of my sweety Tovah daily – but creative juices flowed and in some cases were recognized. I’d like to see some financial good fortune land in some of my friends laps. Maybe in 2012: (and a new kitten or pony or both)