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By this time next week we will be in the new year and the latest national holiday will be over for another year.  Another year of the Tournament of Roses and the Rose Bowl will be put into the history books.

I have a love/hate relationship with holidays. Love having that extra day off, the 3-day weekend, to do whatever my heart desires, as much as the next guy, or gal.  Such as to do nothing! Or, sleep in late, get some Rest & Relaxation.  You know, treat the day like a true holiday!  How many of you take those kinda holidays??  I prefer to take my holidays when everyone else is still working and not at the same campground with me!  I’ll return to this problem in the near future, like next year.

But we’re still in the old year. 2011.  The week between the national holidays of Christmas and New Years.  I’ve experienced this weird  period many a time in Pasadena.  I’ve never quite gotten comfortable with it.




The day after Christmas the Rose float building pavilions begin to fill up with volunteers – dedicated & serious. They put on the final and most important touches: flowers and other natural time sensitive items in the final week leading up to the parade.  “Millions” of people from near and far donate their time to this last effort.

Aside from the independently/self-built floats, construction is handled chiefly at four locations: The Rose Palace (above), Rosemont/Brookside Pavilion both in Pasadena, Irwindale, and Azusa.





Looking at these photographs may lead you to say, “Where are your ‘millions’ of workers?”   Well, my shot above was taken back in September. And the one below last week. But if you wish to volunteer this week you need to contact either of these float building companies:










I’ve noted on this blog before how much, much more I am a Rose Parade supporter than a parade goer. And a float volunteer?  Ha! Well, if God wills it one day! How’s about you: what’s been your experience with going to the parade and/or volunteering?



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21 responses to “Floats, Roses, Volunteers

  1. Not much of a parade-goer or watcher here, but I’ve really enjoyed walking Colorado Blvd on New Year’s Eve. People come up with some ingenious ways make themselves comfortable for the long night ahead.

  2. I usually spend my time safely ensconced in the north Dena area during the parade, but this year I may venture down to see the occupiers. Maybe I’ll even take Tommy with me.

    PA, that is quite a story. Perhaps you should post about it?

  3. I have lots of memories considering my father was one of the men in white. A job description that occurs throughout the year. He used to go to senior homes and give slide show presentations (he died before power point).

    A favorite was when the San Diego Zoo put in a float. My sister volunteered my parents home to house the zoo animals that were riding on the float. Crates and newspapers everywhere. The boa was on the washing machine

  4. I like enjoy the weird period and the parade too. Seen the parade from the grandstand and from many places along the parade route. Now as an eastsider, I walk to Sierra Madre Blvd. and, aside from the free donuts and coffee, I prefer standing along the parade route. You have more freedom to move around and to walk the route waiting for the parade.

  5. I was part of a parade in Disneyland once and that was fun. But don’t think I’ve ever been on a float yet…it was always marching for me in grade school.

    PS: Is Azusa a name of a city? It’s a common name for girls here in Japan 🙂

  6. I haven’t gotten used to the “weird week” yet, either. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels the strangeness. It’s kind of exciting, as long as you have all your grocery shopping done.

  7. When I was in high school I worked on the Sunkist float…I think it’s an experience that Southern Californians should partake in at least once in their life!!! Also, attending in person at least once in your lifetime…Done both…don’t have to do either again!!! Happy to watch the late morning reruns while still in my warm pjs!!!