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And the sign says anyone caught gift shopping for friends & family would be wise to be spending and charging in Pasadena. Consider it an extra gift – a gift to support the economy of where you live and/or work…





Haven’t seen the above message in lights? Lemme pull out to show you its location:




Can you see it now? There, on The Wall of the tall building located at 530-532 E. Colorado Blvd.

Christmas 2011


What happens if you don’t support the local economy, your local hangout, favorite little store? Well, they close. Go away, disappear, to say the least. But over the decades enuf locals have supported this corner of Colorado & Oakland. Lemme pull out a bit further so you’ll see what I mean:


PasadenaFurnitureCo 1924(Harold Parker, Photographer)There has been some growth at this corner of town. This tall building still stands tall: The Pasadena Furniture Company Building (PF). Obviously the message on its wall has changed as well as its ornate facade “modernized”. The cars are still there but obviously they’ve also gotten a  new & colorful facade as well. That’s what some call progress.

The PF moved to this “new” building from North Raymond in Old Town. My recollection is that building also lives to this day near Cafe Bizou.   And that Standard Oil gas station was replaced by the Singer Building shown in the center photo.




Like much of what has been here more than a few years I could say more about these buildings.  But my main message is if you’re a last minute, red alert Christmas shopper, be a real American, aka Consumer, and get out there and do it here in Pasadena!   Nevertheless, I will leave interested readers with this Question: Anyone wanna take a guess at what other major tenants have called  the Pasadena Furniture & Singer Buildings home?


Happy Stress-Free Shopping


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11 responses to “Shop Pasadena

  1. i love the juxtaposition of the old pained sign for BF and the 21st century message projected up to the same spot.

    funny how times change the way be behave. back in the day, everyone shopped locally w/o economy cars to take them to malls with multilevel parking structures, or a laptop to turn on and order stuff made overseas and shipped from a warehouse several states away to arrive directly on their doorsteps. now we’re slowly revisiting the ways people used to live.

  2. I like the sign and buying local too. Like my old grandpa used to say — we vote with our dollars and get exactly what we pay for. Your post reminds me I have to get over to Jones to buy coffee for Christmas morning.