Light Near the End of the Road

Our New Year begins with the Rose Parade at Colorado & Orange Grove.  It’s common to say the planning for next years parade starts the day after the current parade.

All I know is the path is a marathon to reach the morning of January 1st, or 2nd.  A road taken each year with many steps undertaken by many volunteers and sacrifice.  But I’m beginning to see the end of this current road.





And when that morning arrives, even the people who founded the city have to take a backseat to a new parade of people (a few of which, frankly, I wish partied somewhere else) who have come near and far to see what Pasadena has to offer.



And after New Years, time to prepare for next year…



Gotta  Work and Get Some R & R.  Stay Thirsty My Friends


6 responses to “Light Near the End of the Road

    • PB, u & PA are funny! I will admit when people try to guess what I am, “Writer”, is the most common answer LoL! Yet, I woodn’t recognize a poem even I wrote it myself!