Turkey & Onions

Some of you may recall I wrote about Onion Rings & Turkey Burgers back in October. The catalyst for it was the recent experience at Astro Burger restaurant in Hollywood. This is part of what I wrote back then:

 My order of the day was a Turkey Burger with Onion Rings.  Most of our group included Onion Rings with their orders.  The Turkey Burger was good but Fat Burgers is better.   But the main point of this writing is to recommend the Astro Burger Onion Rings!  I love Onion Rings and often choose them over French Fries.

They may be the best I’ve had. To the best of my recollection. Unlike most Onion Rings, these weren’t greasy, thick, and over-battered.  The Onions actually made up most of the Onion Rings!  


I love Turkey burgers and Onion Rings and prefer them over the Beef and Fry options…when done well. Which is hit or miss.

This summer I tried Carl’s Jr new Turkey Burger. Oh geezzzz…No Comment!  We’re in the Fall now and I went back to Hot Wings Cafe in Old Town and Wolfe Burgers on N. Lake, both in Pasadena, for their Turkey Burgers with Onion Rings! Hot Wings is actually known for their hot chicken wings which aren’t bad, while Wolfe Burgers calls itself “The Best Little Burger Joint in Pasadena.”   Don’t mind that – people say at lot of things, from politicians on upward.


Lettuce see what we found…


















You can see how they arrive at the table. They look respectable enuf.   Wolfe (WB) cost only $4.95 vs the $6.95 for Hot Wings (HW).  However, HW did also give me curly fries, onions, and a pickle with my order.

Taste.  The best thing I can say for the WB turkey burger is that it’s better than Carl’s Jr’s.  That may also be the worse thing I can say about it. Sorry.  I remember first biting into the WB turkey burger and being disappointed.  The HW burger was better than WB’s and Carl’s and about on par with Astro’s!    It tasted good to chew into and had that feeling you get when you’re liking something: wanting to take another bite of the thing ASAP!

Yet, none of these burgers were a match for the Fatburger’s turkey burger! Ck it out on N. Lake just north of the 210 FW.



Next up are the Onion Rings.









As you can see both WF & HW overcooked their onions and batter, and in WF’s case, even burned about 1/4 of my rings!  WF’s cost me $2.95 and HW’s were $3.95.

Is paying a buck more for HW’s worth it? Yes! While WF’s rings generally looked better, HW’s actually tasted better, imho. WF’s rings are heavily battered with a thin onion surrounded by fried fatty batter.  I mainly want Onion rings – Not Battered rings!   Thus, while HW’s rings look like a greasy mess, and their onions are overcooked, nevertheless it wins easily in taste.  Plus, the HW’s are lightly battered compared to many onion rings, WB included.

Yet, none of these onion rings are a match for the onion rings I had at Astro Burger! A thin, light coating of batter, not overcooked, complimenting and supporting warm fresh onions!  Gotta remember to get some more next time I’m in the Hollywood area.

The prices for these items are good too. You can easily overpay when all you really are getting is a burger and onion rings of all things! I doubt if I’ve tried all the Turkey Burger & Onion Ring choices in Pasadena so maybe the best is yet to come. Until then, this is one Eater’s opinion.


Go out and try these and lemme know if you find something new worth tasting.


Gotta Eat!  Stay Thirsty My Friends


5 responses to “Turkey & Onions

  1. Thank you for the PSA. Onion rings are one of my favorite food groups, if lightly battered and cooked to golden perfection. I do have a recipe from MFK Fisher for the perfect onion rings fried at home, but way too complicated for me.

    • A good turkey burger with great onion rings…it’s hard to mustard up the willpower to just say no. But maybe you have the power.
      So which restaurant do u go for onion rings?

  2. It sounds like Fat Burgers is the place for turkey burgers in Pasadena. Do they have onion rings? Oh, and what about The Counter? I haven’t tried the turkey burger but their regular burgers are delicious.

    • I have tried the Counter in Shoppers Lane. But I can’t recall if I had their turkeyburger. So, I suppose it wasn’t memorable, except I remember their burgers aren’t cheap.