Traffic Holiday

As I said in a recent blog article, we have at least one major holiday every month. Not counting local holidays like, ahem, this one. 

Unless you don’t drive or watch TV, or listen to the radio, or…anyway, you probably heard about the tanker fire accident last Wednesday on the 60 (Pomona) Freeway.  It forced closure of a section which cuts along the southern border of the San Gabriel Valley. It’s about a 15-20 minute drive from Pasadena to my photos below.

Cal Trans reopened the freeway to traffic on Saturday.  However, I hear the other half of the bridge now needs to be demolished which will again require closure.  So we can’t exactly move on to the next holiday this month – Christmas, a national holiday. And then, as with the 405, the bridge will need to be rebuilt sometime next year and the freeway shut once again! Good luck to those who drive on this portion of the freeway.

Pasadena Star News wonderful editor in charge, Frank Girardot, asked if we thought the 60 closure was worse than the closure of the 405 “carmageddon” hype earlier this year. Both are similar in that repair/replacement of bridge overpasses are the reason for the shutdowns.


I took a 5 minute detour to grab a peek at the mirage.  Looked like a good time to get your kicks on Route 60. Nuttin like you, your jalopy, and a wide open road!



I say, “YES”, this 60 mess is the Carmageddon to the 405’s Sunday scenic drive.  Just watch the news coverage and I don’t have to say another word.  Luckily, I don’t have to drive either of these freeways, thank God!

Other reasons I believe added fuel to the fire are:

Drivers had no preparation/planning time.  Unlike the 405 where the media/CalTrans were spooking the public to be prepared for months prior.

That section of the Pomona FW is more centrally located than the San Diego FW. The San Diego is way out on the western boundary of L.A. City – just minutes from Santa Monica and PCH!  The 60FW is in the middle: Downtown LA to it’s west, San Gabriel Valley to it’s north and east, Long Beach to its south. The 60 FW continuing west feeds into the 710 Long Beach FW, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Golden State FW’s. And just to its east was the 605.

You also have a big mall, Montebello Towne Center, overlooking that part of the closure. It has to be suffering right now in the middle of the Christmas selling season! Not so easy to just take the freeway to it’s doorsteps now.


So, imho, lack of planning time, being surrounded by a greater amount of traffic, and the Christmas rush are the major reasons for the Pomona catastrophe turning into the real Carmageddon.




Maybe you have other reasons as well.  Do you have to drive this part of the Pomona FW? Did you get caught up in this mess??



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