An Altadena Holiday


Every month of the year in the USA we have some major holiday. A time to party, to take off work, or spend and get in more debt and just be unproductive. Hmmm, maybe that’s one reason why our economy is suffering.

In October I was visiting friends who own an elegant old craftsman home in north Altadena around Halloween time. They told me to check out another special house nearby, around the corner. So I did…














I was beginning to feel kinda uncomfortable in this part of Altadena. But they had a welcoming committee to assure visitors everything was gonna be alright. Right.












One part of the economy apparently doing good business in these parts.






The county is always wrestling with Altadena, like with a wild child, on what they are and aren’t permitted to do.  They have to enter at their own risk.






Nobody would believe the horrific things I saw if I didn’t bring back these photos for y’all to see!!





So that’s what I found. I’m glad I was able to return safely with this report to y’all. But you, you be careful when you drive in this unincorporated part of the county, north of the Altadena golf course. You never know what lies just around the corner.



Gotta Get Out of Here! Stay Thirsty My Friends


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