Pasadena Christmas Tree Lighting 2011

The city had its annual Christmas Tree lighting in Pasadena last night. 

I’ve attended several of these official city lightings over these many years. Here are a handful of shots from this years event…



I arrived after the 5:30 starting time. Late.  But fortunately the tree had not yet been lit. The children’s choir was singing Christmas carols. Observers included Mayor Bogaard on the left and state Senator Carol Liu on the right.

A city parks & recreation representative then took the microphone to say a few words about the holidays. Maybe my ears were full of wax but I didn’t discern “Christmas” as one of the words he used.




The PIO was in full control of the situation as usual and the city Christmas Tree was lit up.  And she looked the best I’ve ever seen her at this event, imho! Those doctors really did a beautiful job on her.








I’m not much into the Christmas spirit this year and I got that same sense from the people gathered here last night.  Didn’t feel or see the “buzz” from the other Christmas lightings I’ve attended.




I’m disappointed with the technical quality of these photos relative to past Christmas lightings. Maybe I need to buy a new camera.






Gotta Rest. Stay Thirsty My Friends


4 responses to “Pasadena Christmas Tree Lighting 2011

  1. We had blue lights everywhere last year but I wasn’t really a fan. I like the good ole warm yellow-ish white lights. But that tree is lovely…hope the festive feeling spreads as you get closer to Christmas! 😀

  2. This is your favorite time of year, isn’t it? If I recall, it usually lasts through June. I’m crazy for those icy blue twinkle lights. I may have to improve the economy by dropping some dough at STATS