Pasadena WindStorm 2011

Late last night and into this early morning the greater Los Angeles area was hit with the hardest wind storm in many years.

It wasn’t a hurricane, nor a tornado – the skies remained a friendly gray blue.  No, this was simply pure, 100 proof Wind!  And it left behind the most damage of any wind storm in our area which I could recall. Maybe the hardest hit city was right here in Pasadena. Even a State of Local Emergency was called by the city! 

Streets everywhere were littered with natures green. December is the month of the Tree, specifically the Christmas Tree. Well, Pasadena has really started the month of the Tree with a big blow with all the streets involved. 

Oh, and electricity was sometimes off. Some may have also had problems with their water. These two problems alone would explain the brisk business Pasadena restaurants were doing today.

As I was going from point B to A in my car I came across scenes of natures wrath. I captured a few shots  mother nature left in our area. Here’s a small sample:



The media highlighted their reports with this picture of the Shell station at Colorado & San Gabriel Blvds in Pasadena.



In San Gabriel, power & phone lines imitated the Leaning Tower of Pisa and blocked the road. Btw, “Power lines down, power lines down!!”



Trees took the best punches of the wind. Sometimes they were knocked out as here in San Marino.


San Gabriel Country Club

Despite their status in the community the country club set couldn’t escape mother nature. San Gabriel Country Club.



Some traffic signals called in sick leaving it up to drivers to be their own signals for the day.




I saw plenty of Tree Houses today. I guess you wood call this one a Tree Van. Hours later I noticed this picture was unchanged. I envy this driver if he was sleeping-in late.

Weather reports say we’re gonna have another round of the same tonite and into Friday. Hopefully not as powerful! Always prepare for the worse – especially insurance, bread & water.



Luckily film production crews were in Pasadena today…as they are most days. So I trust everything was captured & recorded for the next chapter of Pasadena history.


Those in Pasadena can check out the latest news on this wind problem at the City of Pasadena website and specifically this page.



Gotta Find a Tree to Hold On. Stay Thirsty My Friends.


10 responses to “Pasadena WindStorm 2011

  1. Ramona lives on San Gabriel blvd with one of those transformer poles on her property. Between the traffic on the blvd and those trying to short cut across Loraine, she was locked in. I got back my juice Friday Night and Ramona yesterday. Put up more pics if you got them. And yes, the show goes on. Film crews were here the next day filming at Church of the Angels

    • A few blocks of San Gabriel were closed off last time I checked. Good to hear you gals have power back. Imagine if middle eastern oil was turned off!

      Maybe I’ll post a few more pics after the winds die down but I’d rather see pics from others! Didn’t you take any??

  2. Very scary! We’re still without power up in Altadena, and it was advised that we remain closed yesterday. I received an email last night from the Altadena Sheriffs advising that power may not be restored for 24-48 hours. Lots of damage up here, and a couple trees and many branches down on Christmas Tree Lane. Their lighting ceremony is scheduled for the 10th, and they’re going to need help cleaning up and re-stringing some of the lights.

  3. That’s some photo of the power poles. Yes, lots of people eating out yesterday. and going to the store for batteries. And, any place with wifi and a working power outlet seemed particularly in demand. Our power was restored early this morning and hopefully others have power back on as well.

    • You never know what you’re getting into when you turn into the next street. At the least, curbs littered with fallen greenery. While we got hit worse with fallen trees, the rest of the SGV seems to have fared worse with power outages.

    • Thks, safe & lucky…so far. Hope u are also.
      What is even scarier are those with trees blocking the street, AND power also out! Hope those streets are blocked otherwise drivers can unknowingly crash into a downed piece of nature.