Still The One


We’ve heard a bunch about the hassles & problems to bring football back to L.A. ever since the St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders left town for “better” pastures last century.

Outsiders wonder why L.A. doesn’t have a “new” football team by now. “Doesn’t L.A. care? Don’t they miss football??”  I barely noticed, since I haven’t missed any great football.




My fellow southern Californian’s there’s still a football team in L.A. And yet it’s so much more – such as a great archives research department. It was here long before those other teams, in good times and not so good, carrying part of our the history of our area throughout other lands. And it will still be here long after others come and go.  It’s really the only one, but the only one that matters. But you wise, intelligent readers already knew that.



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