A Pasadena Work of Art

About a week past I bumped into a non-Pasadena website showing a photograph of Pasadena Citihall. Of course I had to stop and take note, especially of the comment, which to paraphrase the exact words:


“One of the greatest (or best) City Halls in the USA”


Fine. Tell me something we don’t already know. Which made me think of something else…



East(courtyard) View


I don’t think I’ve blogged specifically about Citihall this year!  Which is inexcusable since I have many photographs of this wonderful government landmark. So to correct my oversight here are just a couple of shots for those who can’t get enough of Citihall or those who’ve never visited this iconic building.

Citihall was part of a “triple play” of building construction in 1923 when voters issued bonds to also build the Central Library to its north and Civic Auditorium to its south. My recollection is the library was first to be completed in 1927, followed by Citihall also in 1927, and last but not least the Civic Auditorium in 1931.

Photographers of my caliber love buildings of this statue since they fool some people into believing that I’ve taken a photography course or two.  Nuttin’ could be further from the truth! I’ve yet to advance beyond my point & shoot and ask questions later camera.


P1130778a Some on the inner workings


Pasadena’s Citihall is regularly used by the entertainment biz for filming and brides/grooms for their weddings. I can personally attest to this fact. There are other facts I could say about this landmark. But I have many other pictures so I’ll save it for later. However you can search this blog for my previous Citihall mentions.  Any reader have direct experience with this building?


There’s architecture.  Then there’s Pasadena Citihall and Artchitecture.


Pasadena City Hall

100 N. Garfield Ave. / Pasadena, CA / 91109



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  1. Elizabeth’s parents are in town for Thanksgiving and I took them here to show them my favorite building in town. They agreed that it is awesome!

      • We did a lot. Drove out to Santa Monica Pier one day then drove back downtown on Wilshire the whole way, ate at Philippe’s. Took the Gold Line to the end of the line, got off on way back at Union Station and went to Olvera Street. Went to Wolfe Burgers, had Chinese food, Mexican, etc. Got our Christmas tree and took them to Stats. Went shopping in Old Town. And much more.