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My dependably daily blogger friend, Petrea, asked me about a review of Lemonade – one of the new restaurants in town. 

I dunno about a “review”.  It’s been open since only September & I’ve visited it just twice.  Nor do I know if anyone would care.  It didn’t help to see that these pics were far from my best. But, oK, I should say something about Lemonade now.  Or forever hold my tongue until the following century.

What is Lemonade?  They are modern cafeterias serving seasonal southern cal comfort food. So of course the history of Pasadena dictated we had to have one of these modern cafeterias here!


So the Cafe Pasadena staff took seats at lunchtime on a warm sunny September, similar to today, and started to eater watch the lineup for the next 10 minutes…














The line up had reached the back of the front door



It was time for us to check out.  We had to leave through the back door. Our final view out the front entrance…



A people picture is like a thousand word review. 






146 South Lake Avenue / Pasadena 626- 304-7700



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13 responses to “lemonade – Pasadena

  1. Lines like that indicate they have a badly thought out system of taking orders. Or was it their first day open? I haven’t the patience to wait in such a long line. But if the food’s good, maybe I’ll give it a taste. Was the food good?

    • This was their 3rd week, Bellis. Most restaurants have a badly unthought out something. I’ve only been twice so I don’t have a final answer on their food except that I want to go again if only to decide if I like CalTech’s or Lemonade’s cafeteria best! I look 4ward to your own review.

    • PA, just don’t come during lunch. After you eat here I will eagerly await the picture you paint of your visit.

      ShSh: does the land of the Kangaroo have a lemonade style restaurant?