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My good blogging buddy, TR the AltadenaBlogger, did some good work in mentioning the Waldorf School in his newspaper column this past Sunday.  Which reminded me of something…looking for something to do this weekend? I have you locals covered for Saturday.

A beautiful young lady from Pasadena with a wonderful old house, and talented youngsters, also wanted me to mention this special community event dear to her heart.  What is it??  You old timers probably already know. But for those of you not so old…


The 26th Annual Elves’ Faire!!


Presented by the Waldorf School of Pasadena. It only comes around once a year – the week before Thanksgiving.

What is it?  Basically the Elves’ Faire turns the school grounds into a medieval faire grounds! Fun & games, food, shopping, entertainment, and the Silent Auction of all sorts of wonderful donated items!! Something for every kid from junior to senior citizen!  The school uses this annual event as a fundraiser mainly to assist with students tuition.




When?  This Saturday from 10am – 4pm!

How much?  Well, admission is FREE. But if you really want to get into the fun & games, food, holiday gifts, prize drawings, & much more if you choose, you’ll have to take out your dollar bills. But once you see what is waiting for you, you’ll say this is a good deal! Like the super Silent Auction!

You can bid for items created by the parents & students such as clothing & shawls; services donated by local businesses such as massage, facials; gift cards/certificates to restaurants for example, consultations, tickets/passes to events, and so on! This is just a fraction of the hundreds of items donated on behalf of the Waldorf.

Where is it?  Waldorf School of Pasadena, of course…Wait a second! Ok, for those who love even more questions I have a little something for you below! Phone number, links, address, etc:





The Pasadena Waldorf School offers a developmental and experiential education in which the arts & relationships are fully integrated for children Preschool through Grade 8 on a historic (ye olde William A. Scripps estate) wooded campus.  Although it’s Pasadena’s Waldorf School, it’s located just across the border in Altadena and the student come from the Greater Pasadena & L.A. area.  The Waldorf School will expand in Fall 2012 to include a high school!





What I’ve said it in black & white pales in comparison to the color & fun you’ll experience by coming out this Saturday. So, I’m asking y’all not to miss it – even if you have no time but 30minutres. Come and check the Elves’ out at least once. You’ll find it difficult not to come a second time!  And if you have school age children, well you just might find yourself wanting to get them into Waldorf



Gotta Support the Kids. Stay Thirsty My Friends


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  1. Oh, I’m sorry I missed this!!! Exclamation points!!!!

    I’ve always wanted to wander the grounds of this place and today was my chance and oh, poo.