Characters, aka, Pasadena

Pasadena has more than it’s share of characters, Cafe Pasadena’s Believe It of Not!

A dictionary definition of character: an interesting, eccentric person. This is a mild, respectable, theoretical book definition. We know in practical life the definition is more dynamic.

In the real world they can be found in every group of society. The rich, the poor, the employed, the unemployed. Those who read books and those who don’t. From the homeless characters walking the lonely, seedy, broke streets of Old Town down to  the nerdy/smarty’s youth at CalTech; from those driving the newest jalopy to those having to take bus, bike, or pony.  From Doc Dan Berry coming out from Indiana in the 19th century hoping to find some decent land to buy for some of his Hoosiers back home, to those who will still can’t find their way back home after January 1st.  And those who wear white T-shirts down to those who wear white suits.   Within those plugged in, and those clueless. From those who will acknowledge your greeting to those stuck in their own tiny nano self-centered world.  They’re among those who occupy, and those who live & let live. Those who follow the law, and those who make their own.  From among those dead in the past, to those who live for their future.  Those blessed with K9’s, & the less fortunate with feline. 

Whatever group, class, color, dress, etc, it’s apropos that they all belong to the group of “characters.” The funny thing about these ladies & gentlemen is they usually think everyone who doesn’t think or act like them are the weirdo’s! 

I’m in contact and/or see these characters in the Rose City everyday.  Sometimes breaking cheese with them. How crazy is that?!?  And I’m sure some of you think I’m some kinda character too, or at least think you know me!  Ok, maybe I’m not exactly normal.  If your town is in short supply of such characters you can find a good source right here on the blogosphere.


Here’s the newest member of this eccentric, unselected, eclectic group.  One I don’t recall seeing before until the other day. 



Have you seen this fellow & what I call his “fishmobile” before?  Do you have “characters” in your town?


Last I saw of this character was his making a turn toward the Arroyo. Presumably to park his 3-Wheeler in a cave.  He’s apart of one ancient class of humans who made & make what Pasadena was & is.


Gotta Look Normal.  Stay Thirsty My Friends


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