Happy Hollydays!

If you can’t come to the Art reception on Friday (shame on you, especially if you’re of the artistic or creative bent!) and grab a bite of good food while there, there’s another chance to get out of the house.

The retail at the new Raymond Renaissance on Holly in Old Town Pasadena is celebrating the beginning of the holidays with a holiday sale “party.”  This Thursday evening, the 10th, from 5-9pm.  Some may recall I briefly wrote about this area a few months past. 

Maude Woods (est. 2009), The Market on Holly (est. 2011), and the new kid on this block Therapy Boutique (last month) are the retailers inviting you to visit and say, “Hi!”, especially if you’ve never been.



Unique Home Furnishings & Gifts, and Nice People.

Is Maude Woods the owner, you ask? Well, Maude is related to the owner.  She is an artist and the great grandmother of the owner.  In fact, the owner (a FIDM grad) is also related to the co-owner of The Market on Holly – she’s his wife. Can you believe the coincidences!




Will I be in attendance?  Not for the entire four hours!  I haven’t won the Lottery yet. But I will win I assure you! – cuz nobody deserves, or needs, to win it like I do.  Besides I’m too busy & lazy.  But there will be food, so, cough…expect me to drop in for a bit, sooner or later. Hopefully we’ll meet & break bread together.


Unfortunately I won’t have any direct information for you on the newest addition to the Raymond Renaissance: Therapy Clothing. They discouraged my taking of pictures. Although it’s very rare that I experience this response, especially here in Pasadena, I respect their wishes.  It’s their business!  I suggest you find out more by visiting their store and website, or checking out what others think on a review site like Yelp, etc.




Artisan market & cafe: beer/wine, breakfast, lunch, dinner, deli, artisan market. And more good people.

The Market on Holly has these great $10 tasting specials on the Final Fridays of each month which I continue to miraculously find a way to miss!  The Taste of Provence tasting back in September was one I really wanted to attend. Heard it was busy that night. Yeah, I bet.



A Greek Salad that not only looks good but tasted better than most Greeks I’ve had.



My readers, from local to international, know I feel about Macarons. Most of you have now seen & tasted the light. Although not an everyday item in their bakery section, we have another place in Pasadena to bite into a taste of France.



Besides maybe having the grand opportunity to see me, what’s in it for you if you come out Thursday evening?

  • Ck out exactly what each store can offer you
  • Have a few bites of good food!
  • Ck out the brand new take-out addition at The Market
  • Oh, and you can take advantage of a 20% discount from each store. I’m unclear if this applies to everything or only to select items
  • Meet the owners & employees. I’ve met the owners & the staff of Maude Woods & The Market on Holly and so can personally attest to their goodness & friendliness
  • It’s another opportunity to build community in the great town of Pasadena
  • You may have other reasons to come on down




I hope each new business succeeds, especially in this tough economy. Come out Thursday evening between 5 & 9pm to show your support! 


Now I have to finish my Halloween candy. Btw, have you locked away all your ghosts & other spooky paraphernalia until next Halloween??


Maude Woods

The Market on Holly

Therapy Clothing


On Holly St. @ Raymond Ave. (NW corner) /Old Town Pasadena



Gotta Eat & Work. Stay Thirsty My Friends


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