Pasadena Rules for Riding…


..from someone who’s neither a horse & pony rider or hugger.


But that’s not to say I don’t like to watch others ride as much as the next guy. For instance, I definitely enjoy watching women ride a horse!  Or a bull for that matter.





Like I said: I don’t care to ride. And from reading the above I think you can see just one reason why not. But at least I now know a bit better the how to! For example, if I see a woman riding a horse I know it’s ok, unlike the male, for me to assume she may be riding with teeth that aren’t originally hers.  But that’s fine – it’s permissible under the rules – unlike the male who I would have to assume is riding with only his original teeth.

I wonder how many of today’s “modern” horse riders still follow, or even know, the rules? 


Gotta Catch a Ride! Stay Thirsty My Friends


5 responses to “Pasadena Rules for Riding…

  1. whats a crupper? rhymns with picker upper. This material might be useful to my next post. (not to be confused with the equine activity of posting)

    One of our Editors responds: I think it’s some kind of harness for a horses ass. Butt I think KB would be better suited to this question. imho.