Halloween: Tweet or Treat


A few seasonal scenes from hometown Pasadena’s bakery: Euro Pane




I’m not a cupcake hugger but I tried the chocolate cupcake on the left:

Moist, chocolaty, fresh, just soft & sweet enuf. I’d gladly have another. Despite the black spider on it.




Catch them before they’re all gone. Halloween!




For some, seeing this stuff might be scary. Boo!!  But I have nuttin’ against the sweet & tasty. For most, it appears they’re into the costumes – which in 2011 continue to be mostly tame & Un-scary, imho.   For me, I just care about the main event – the Eating.  Have a Safe & Sane Halloween!


Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe

959 E. Colorado Blvd.  /  345 E. Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena CA



Excuse me. I Gotta Order Now. Stay Thirsty My Friends


8 responses to “Halloween: Tweet or Treat

  1. We kind of celebrate Halloween, in a very commercial way, here in Japan. But someone definitely forgot to bring over these delicious looking cupcakes our way! 😀

  2. Though Halloween is taking off more and more here in Australia, I’m still somewhat baffled by the whole thing. That said, any excuse to eat something tasty. I can live dangerously just by eating something orange. Happy Hallloween, dear Pup,.