Another 1% Group?


Some use bumper stickers, some use podiums, others use placards, etc… Pasadena, California USA.





Behind the shoppers and walkers on the streets & sidewalks of shopping districts in America, in the corners lay a new reality. A quiet desperation. Shoppers look, and look. But the bags of consumption they carry (if they even have a bag) are usually less than the what the homeless carry.

Many still walk the streets of retail. Others are taking to the street.

But the streets are still relatively quiet.  The only noise you’re likely to hear is from the solo trumpeter, guitar player, musician, sitting or standing on the cold hot pavement: the homeless, the unemployed, those who otherwise have time to spend watching the shoppers walk on by.  Because in this economy all they have is time.

But they’re afraid time will pass them by. Time waits for no one. And it won’t wait for us either.





I wonder who these Americans voted for President in the last election?   And now who they gonna call on in the next election??  (I’m assuming they all can, and will, vote!)  Here’s a novel old idea of mine: a 3rd Way or 3rd Place. Call it a 3rd Party! I know, I know – it’s hard, emotionally, to switch denominations: tough to leave the Church of the Elephant, or the Church of the Stubborn Mule & Donkey.  The true believers. They were born into these faiths since they can remember being a child.

And curious also how many of these picketers actually live or work in Pasadena?  Ok, I admit maybe not many of them are working today, period… 

We still have Hope & Prayer. Lettuce hope & pray our “leaders” have Wisdom & Integrity to unselfishly do the right thing.



Well, just the cheap two cents I have; for those who care. Stay Thirsty My Friends


5 responses to “Another 1% Group?

  1. “Men fight and lose the battle, and the thing that they fought for comes about in spite of defeat, and when it comes it turns out not to be what they meant, and other men have to fight for what they meant under another name”

      • William Morris, “A Dream of John Ball,” about the 14th century English Peasant’s Revolt. It’s something I read in grad school and I am reminded of it from time to time. I don’t let people discuss politics on my blog so I will not do it on yours.

  2. 99% or 1%….meh….I think we’re our own percent. It’s very difficult to change political affiliation, but with all this nonsense, I’m certainly re-evaluating mine.