A Taste of France in Pasadena



 Creme de la Crepe





This replaced a previous Crepe restaurant in this same part of Old Town Pasadena. Have you dined at either place?



Gotta Eat. Stay Thirsty My Friends


4 responses to “A Taste of France in Pasadena

  1. I’ve been to the new place twice. Maybe we just got lucky. Got good food and great service both times! Can’t wait to go back again!

    • One does not really know how good a place is unless you’ve gone more than once or twice. I’m glad you’ve had happy experiences there. Have you been to the other “new” crepe place on Union St in Old Town?

  2. I dined – er, went – to Crepevine twice. The first time it took an hour to get my food even though we were the only people there. The second time I waited an hour and 45 minutes, the waitress constantly saying my food was coming, before she came over and said the kitchen had lost our ticket (and the stoves were turned off so it would take another half an hour if we still wanted our food). I never went back and I’ve never gone to Creme de la Crepe. I realize it’s a new restaurant and that probably isn’t fair… but still.

    • Looks like you & I may the only ones around here long enuf to remember both places! Unfortunately also, lack of good basic customer service is still too common in the restaurant biz. Btw, I’m getting out that fab prize to you – haven’t forgotten, just lazy.