This is Your Life…


I seem to recall this was first brought to my attention by a journalist acquaintance friend of mine earlier this year. Perhaps a few of my readers have previously seen this.



This is your Life-1



So what are your Thoughts, if any?  Where do you stand on this??



Gotta Think. Stay Thirsty My Friends


7 responses to “This is Your Life…

  1. It’s easier said than done, of course, but worth striving for. It’s a life goal, a mind-set. Yes, do it! If you can’t do it all at once, begin by putting a plan into action. What’s the saying? The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

  2. I’m in total agreement with the sentiments expressed! As Susan notes, it’s a kick in the pants, which most of us need at some point. Speaking for myself, I need a HUGE kick in the pants. Thanks for the inspiration, Cafe!

  3. I’ve never seen this. I like it. It’s a kick in the butt I must say. The line “If you don’t like your job, quit.” really jumps out at me. I’m feeling particularly disgruntled today, but hmmm… I have a mortgage and four furry friends to feed. Don’t think I’ll be quitting anytime soon.

    Still, I like it. Food for thought. Thanks for posting.