Whittier Narrows

Last winter I found myself cruising down Rosemead Blvd.  Then the Whittier Narrows Dam Recreation Area was in sight. Operated by LA County and the US Army Corps of Engineers.




And in a 2 mile distance away I could also see Rose Hills shouldering on its east. This was as close as I would get to its beautiful Rose garden.




Hadn’t walked Whittier Narrows in many a year. So, I took my feet off the pedals and put them boots on the ground. And began to walk.







And I continued walking. Taking many, many, more shots along the way. This is just a sample of the Legg Lake portion of the Whittier Narrows. There’s also the dam, bird sanctuary, Frisbee golf, fishing, hiking & bike trails, an audubon nature center, shooting range, tennis, archery range, a couple of small farms, horseback riding, and even a golf course. That’s all I know.

I was just cruising down the boulevard. But it’s nice to get out of the car and see.





Gotta Get Out & Stretch.  Stay Thirsty My Friends


7 responses to “Whittier Narrows

  1. So hollywood is not the only place that has a sign like that. Very cool. I sometimes ride my bike but I realized that I notice more things when I walk. Love the collection of photos 😀

  2. I like this. One of my grandfathers was LASD and told me a couple of stories I’ve never forgotten about things he saw in Whittier Narrows. And the other grandfather is buried at Rose Hills.