It’s an Art & Craftsman Weekend

Please allow me to repeat something that’s been seen on the World Wide Web before. And you know, of course, if I say it here it has to be important, right?!

If you appreciate old houses, history, architecture, art, and/or Pasadena, then this is the weekend for you!

Through some brilliant idea of scheduling we have both the Art Weekend and the Craftsman Weekend during this same weekend!  Consequently, if for someone unknown good reason you can’t be available in Pasadena this one weekend, well, you’re out of luck. You miss both wonderful events with one swing.  It’s wait until next year brothas & sistas.  But don’t blame this hound. I’m only the messenger.


The Art Weekend is FREE. 5 events 1 Weekend All Free is how I personally would put it. Starting with Art Night on Friday where most of Pasadena’s art/cultural institutions basically have an open house between from 6-10pm.

And Craftsman Weekend is Pay as you go. But worth it if you do! Tours, luncheons, lectures, auctions, and exhibitions.  Food should be a larger component of this event, imho.  Maybe next year.  Anyways, I would simply say it’s a weekend of events dedicated to the Arts & Crafts Movement.



Pssst! Here’s some insider trader info: become a member of Pasadena Heritage and you’ll receive a small discount on Craftsman events! But don’t wait: a couple of events have already sold out.  Ticket purchase link.




(Another tip: if you do attend Craftsman Weekend be sure to pick up one of these event programs!)



Gotta Rest. Stay Thirsty My Friends


6 responses to “It’s an Art & Craftsman Weekend

  1. oops

    as an extension of art nite……in otherwords a “free” extension of art nite….in otherwords could one get in last Saturday for free because art nite was being held over for Saturday art day?

    obviously you refuse to recognize me – and not all are artists – though most claim to be

  2. does that mean the Norton Simon was open on Saturday too?

    I did the Friday night event; we looked at each other for a split second as you were headed down stairs at the Armory. By the time I went through the “why does that guy look so familiar?” it was to late to say hello. Whoosh – you were gone

    • The Norton has always been open on Saturdays last I ck’d.

      The Armory was the only event I had time to attend that night – I was in a rush. But I did meet two women who happen to be artists – what else is new. And I liked the art of your psychedelic mini you were wearing. 🙂