SNL, Molly Shannon, etc.

The other evening I ran into comedienne/actress – now children’s author – Molly Shannon at Vroman’s Bookstore here in Pasadena.  She’s yet another former alum of Saturday Night Live (SNL). She’s probably best known for her SNL character of Catholic school girl Mary Katherine Gallagher (or is it O’Gallagher?)  And like some who have left SNL she’s also appeared on Broadway and in films – The Year of The Dog, as one example.


It’s not the first time I’ve accidently ran into a former SNL star. This year. At Vromans!  In fact, some of you may not know that our bookstore has played host to countless well known writers and other “celebs.”   The “names” who have been privileged to be invited to enter the hallowed rooms & halls of this bookstore is like a Who’s Who’s, and Why: ranging from 1st Lady’s to their womanizing husbands, to comedienne’s, to even distinguished crime/mystery author Dianne Emley!, etc. Cafe Pasadena’s Believe It of Not!




SNL’s Shannon was here to promote her first & new book: Tilly The Trickster. Give a talk, answer a few questions from the peanut gallery, then sign a few books for the mostly full house.  Being a new mother must have been the prime motivation for this latest artistic project of hers.

I was neither interested in a children’s book nor planned to be here to see her. But you know what happens to the best laid out plans? (I’ll tell you later) Like with life appearing on this planet, it just happened by chance she was there at the same time as I.  So I didn’t want to take up anyone’s time to chat or take a pic with her – unlike many others.  However, I felt some good vibes coming out of her which made a good & nice first impression.




If you have a young child, or her fan, or just like children’s books – check out Tilly The Trickster by Molly Shannon.



Gotta Leave the Bookstore Now. Stay Thirsty My Friends


4 responses to “SNL, Molly Shannon, etc.

  1. I loved Year of the Dog, even though it hit a little too close to home. I saw Mike White, the writer/director, in Il Fornaio. Does that count for anything?

    I’m with Hiker. You and PIO can both do MH IMHO.

    • Thks, KB. I wish I could write about our local history every week, at the least. But I’m too old to do it even once a week. It’s better suited for someone with more energy for these things. Like Ann dePIO.

      However, I do plan to have another tour of another Pasadena historical landmark something in 2012.