Onion Rings


Just a few brief words of comfort & taste on this tasty Tuesday.

I associate with a 1-2 handfuls of like-minded friends from the local area every 2-3 months. Centered around eating.  I meant, of course, around experiencing Los Angeles & Hollywood history! Now, Pasadena history is my primary interest but I think it’s wise I  know some unique & old stuff of my birthplace.

I sort of tag along.  Following closely behind my elders (LoL) who are writers/authors/whatever/entertainers/historians who happen to be well-known in the LA/Hollywood history field. Btw, I’ll let you know when one of these individuals will soon be giving a talk here in Pasadena.

Anyhows, you know from the Pasadena meet-ups I’ve been a part of it is important to include a food eating chapter. Fortunately, the same food philosophy is honored at these local history get togethers.  Either before or after we make it a priority to feed our stomachs.

This month, prior to our historical purpose, we first gathered at the Astro Burger near Paramount Studios – one of the better fast-food joints!  Although I’ve eaten here several times in the past it was the first time to actually eat inside.  It’s clean, bright, and comfortable.  

Lemme get the downsides of this joint out of the way: NO free drink refills and there isn’t an Astro Burger within 15 minutes of Pasadena.  😦





My order of the day was a Turkey Burger with Onion Rings.  Most of our group included Onion Rings with their orders.  The Turkey Burger was good but Fat Burgers is better.   But the main point of this writing is to recommend the Astro Burger Onion Rings!  I love Onion Rings and often choose them over French Fries.

They may be the best I’ve had. To the best of my recollection. Unlike most Onion Rings, these weren’t greasy, thick, and over-battered.  The Onions actually made up most of the Onion Rings!   What are your thoughts on Onion Rings?

Believe It or Not!, except for this photo I didn’t take a singe shot of what we ate.  I think I was too occupied in Onion Rings, conversation, and, looking through a film related art book someone brought. 

If you appreciate Onion Rings you can understand the significance of this posting..


Gotta Go Eat!! Stay Thirsty My Friends


9 responses to “Onion Rings

  1. Darn…no Astro Burger within 300 miles from Mammoth!!! Guess I’ll have to wait til I’m down south visiting again!!! I love me some good onion rings!!! And your description of more onion than batter has my appetite whetted!!! I often pull the onion out of the ring and eat with just a tiny bit of the batter…yummmm!!!

    • When I was a kid I loved the onion rings and mini corn dogs at Grumpy’s. But I haven’t been there in 15 years. (But my brother has and reports that it’s a new location and nowhere near as good as it used to be.)

      • Just to let u know, I did visit Wolfe Burgers for their onion rings & turkey burger. Haven’t been to WB in about 2 yrs. I’ll write about my experience in the near future.

        • Grumpy’s is not high on my list up here! It’s a sports bar atmosphere and not my style…I’ve had their poppers though and they were good!!! If you want your food with lot’s of beer and lot’s of noise, then Grumpy’s is your place!!!

      • There are a few good burgers up here…but not necessarily the whole package! The good burgers might be lacking a good sauce, or a good burger but no onion rings…I’m still on the look out!!! There is a good spot here and another one in Bridgeport that offer a combo of onion slices and chili pepper slices…fried in batter like onion rings and a bit of ranch dressing for dipping…very tasty!!!

        What I miss the most up here is a good hot dog spot!!! Our best hot dogs up here is a vendor cart in front of Footloose Sporting Goods store…they serve Nathan’s dogs and they’re good, but no Chicago Dogs!!! And…the worst part, they’re only open until winter sets in…then they close up shop and hibernate like bears!!!

  2. Wow, I haven’t been to AstroBurger since my Hollywood days, back in the late 70’s, but I remember their onion rings! It’s hard to find good ones, but I agree that theirs are pretty darn wonderful. Justin’s right, too….Wolfe Burgers has good ones. I’d forgotten about those….

  3. I’ve been here many times – Elizabeth works two blocks away. Love the onion rings. But I think Wolfe Burgers beer-battered rings are the best in the L.A. area.

    • Oh man, Pulled Porker I hope you’re right about Wolfe’s onion rings!! Btw, the Wolfe Turkey Burger is also good, last I ck’d.
      (Should I ck them out tonite, or wait til tomorrow??? Decisions, decisions!) 😛