Jobs in Pasadena!

Been hearing a brunch about Jobs – their creation & loss – since Obama was elected. 

The loss of jobs has been a top topic with the news media ever since.






Of course here in California the loss of Jobs has been heard up & down the state.   Silicon Valley not excluded.  “What’s going to happen? Now What??”, that sort of thing, and so forth.

And here in Pasadena, one of the last outposts of middle-class people in America, it’s been The Big News lately with the news people.  In Old Town I met a couple of new news reporters & talked with them about the loss of Jobs.



Other people here in Pasadena can tell you much more what the loss of Jobs means





Gotta Pray for Jobs. Stay Thirsty My Friends


5 responses to “Jobs in Pasadena!

  1. Upsetting on both fronts. Here’s to some light on the horizon. {I’ll send your postcards as soon as you eMail me your address, puppy dog. You can eBark it if you prefer.}

    • I actually only stopped to see if a couple of reporter friends happened to be sent on this story…Nope. So I just introduced myself to a couple of new ones.