A Safe Place at a Funky Little Coffee House


A funky little coffee house (FLCH) aka the Coffee Gallery to out of towners, up north in Altadena held a reception for an artist earlier this month.

For a gifted gal who grew up in Pasadena, left for many a year to the Big Apple, but now is back home in The Crown City/The Rose City, aka Pasadena to out of towners.

She invited me to her reception for the watercolor exhibit she was calling a “Safe Place.” I indicated I would be there in support. Well, I didn’t make it.   I had a perfectly good reason of course: “something came up.”  You know – laziness, blogginess, and brain freeze.


VHibbs ArtReception Invite1


Then just the other day a mutual friend reminded me of the FLCH exhibit.  I had to make it this time. But I didn’t have much time left. Her art is on display only this month!



A fairly busy day for the drinkers & surfers…




I got to talking with Donna a local Altadena blogger, the resident FLCH artist, et al. She also runs their Open Mic Nites, etc, and what doesn’t she do for the FLCH??!  And another thing –  she’s now getting into the Fluke, and maybe even starting a FLCH of Flukers!  What??  Well, I just had to get a picture of that –  I mean of her Fluke while at rest…




The FLCH has an alternative art gallery that promotes the artwork of emerging and established artists from the Greater Los Angeles area.  Here’s just a few photographs of Victoria’s artwork from her current exhibit.  Ahem, the lighting & the glare weren’t exactly up to Huntington Museum Gallery standards this day:


P1440781a      P1440782a


For this artist painting is synonymous to going to a safe place. Don’t we all need at least one place like that.




You say you wish you could paint, but don’t know how?  Well if a botanist (Donna) and mathematician (Victoria) can do art, so can you.  Visit Victoria’s art exhibit this week, then see Donna about her watercolor classes.  All at this Funky Little Coffee House – that’s The Coffee Gallery for the rest of you.



Gotta Get My Brain Going! Stay Thirsty My Friends


13 responses to “A Safe Place at a Funky Little Coffee House

  1. Eeks! I missed it. And you know what? I think I met the artist a few weeks ago in her original Pasadena ‘hood. A lovely woman and from what I hear, very talented.

    It’s difficult to keep up with all the cool happenings around Dena. I appreciate the vicarious thrill, Cafe.

  2. Oh, puppy dog. Brain freeze will do that {help one to miss auspicious occasions} but haven’t you done a fine job of counteracting it with your visit and post. The FLCH folk sound like very caring, supportive and enterprising souls. Good for them!