Hey! What are You doing Here?!


Some of you may share this problem:  Whenever I am out & about I am regularly recognized by people I don’t know. Including a few actually do know me!

In their eyes I can be anyone from their doctor, their lover, to a Hollywood actor.  I’m Black or Asian, to CaucAsian. 

This happens to me so much but I still ain’t used to it.  Like the other day at a local Cafe here in Pasadena. 

Just popped my head inside to grab a coffee & then go at a Cafe with a good reputation. I saw only 4-5 customers.

Got my coffee and sat down for a minute to view the news on their King Kong sized HD TV.  Justa minding my own business.  In reality just trying to “drink alone”, in peace, as George Thorogood wood say.  10 seconds later I do a quick ck around the restaurant when I notice a couple of women at a table.  They are staring at me.  Oh boy…,what else is new. 

But “she looks familiar” rings in my head.  I recognize who’s giving me that serious look.  She’s the chef/co-owner of the new & wonderful The Market on Holly in Old Town Pasadena!  Like most good chefs they also like to play customer by sitting down to be fed like us average people.  (yep, if you haven’t visited The Market – what you waitin for!) I notice their food has arrived so I gotta go check out their table!  There’s garlic in the air, and in their fries, so I borrow a few.

Anyways, I just came to get a coffee to go. And as Tommy’s servant has said, “when you gotta go, you gotta go!” When I notice a couple of girls have sneaked in to order while I had my back turned. Girls I recognize and know. One is flirting with the waiter.  Did I mention I know these girls?

They don’t know I’ve noticed them. Yet. So on my way out I take a seat. Then take out my camera. To snap a few shots of course. Here’s one snapshot of these two friends:





And I just wanted a coffee. Hopefully you don’t share this problem.



Now, I really Gotta Go! Stay Thirsty My Friends


5 responses to “Hey! What are You doing Here?!

    • Not as famous as you, SC. You know who I’ve seen recently? Tommy’s servant!! At The Mket on Holly of all places! Presumably getting some goodies for Tommy & Louise. Or is it Thelma & Louise??