Ten Years After September 11, 2001


If I was going to blog on this day I realized it should be a post about post – September 11th, 2001. 10 years later.  Many others, including the blogging community, were planning the same theme about this horrific day in the past.

But there really isn’t anything I can add to what everyone else would say on this day – whether from here in Pasadena or out on the Right coast in NYC. Nothing I could say better than someone who was there, someone who experienced suffering, death, & loss. 

Therefore, I recommend you tune in to those “special reports” about the 10th anniversary of 9/11/2001. Here on the blogosphere and internet, on television, radio, or even in old fashioned newspapers.  There’s plenty out there today. They can say it better, shorter & bitter-sweeter too.

Besides, I really don’t have any easy answers or anything to add about this very sad day in American History. There are no  quick sound bites.  Yeah, it would be easy for me to say, “Peace, Love & Understanding”, but those words/concepts carry such deep, intrinsic value.  Heavy. One reason is they are in such short supply. Or another is they’re so difficult to achieve – be it with a stranger from another culture or a family member in your own house.  The selfish heart & brain is ever vigilant working both in our corner and our opponents.

Not sure if I’m understandable.  Hoping for more double rainbow days instead of hot, smelly, cloudy days of death & darkness. I’ll just leave you with a handful of questions for this day of remembrance & reflection:


What is your strongest memory of 9/11/2001?

How did 9/11 change you?

How do you think it has changed the nation?

What did you lose or gain because of 9/11?


(Image/James Nacthwey)

Per James Nachtwey, TimeMag 9/1/01



Gotta Pray for those who wish evil to US. Stay Thirsty My Friends



10 responses to “Ten Years After September 11, 2001

  1. Being a native New Yorker and knowing many directly involved with the 9/11 tragedy, it especially brings it home for me. I just wish we could bring back our country’s spirit of unity and hope – like we experienced for days and months following this horrific event. Sadly, we are more divided than ever now. Shame on us. I only hope our remembrance of this day snaps us back to reality. Thanks for honoring it.

  2. So true Cafe…the National Geographic channel has had some incredible shows from various perspectives since the beginning of Sept. It has all brought back the emotion for me…especially the personalization with the photos of individuals who died or survived or lost loved ones…nothing could be more poignant…

      • I was in my first year of college here in Tokyo and spending the night over at a friends house. I came back home in the morning to this news…it was huge news here as well because there were a couple of Japanese banks with branches in the twin towers, not to mention the horror of the attack itself. We lost 24 people that day…I remember seeing documentaries about each of them in the following weeks.

  3. Images of the towers crumbling still stop my heart. I remember seeing my dad watching the news and thinking he was just watching a movie. There is no way you can forget about something like this, even from another country. We will be remembering the 24 Japanese who were lost that day, too.