Skywatch Friday


I noticed a couple of Interneters have posted their pictures of the skies over our Pasadena last Sunday evening. There have been much better sky views over the city but this did show up with a faint double rainbow. They motivated me to post one of mine sooner, rather than much later,


First, I wanna post a Double Rainbow which appeared after the single rainbow which follows, courtesy of Kim Baldonado a facebook friend, foodie, & local SGV gal done good.  It’s a faint Double, true, but it’s better than the couple of shots of the Double I got in comparison to her iPhone version. Kim clicked hers in a different area than mine. It kinda looks like she caught a colorful meteor making a special delivery of a pot of gold.

Per KimBaldonaldo@knbc



I have others but I was fortunate to catch this one of the single Arch of Colorado Boulevard rainbow making a rare appearance.  It appeared moments before the double above. 

Rainbow over Pasadena


In the Bible, the primary symbolism of the rainbow is written in the Book of Genesis where a rainbow makes its first appearance right after the great worldwide flood that was used to cleanse the planet of mankind’s sin & evil.  The rainbow symbolized God’s mercy and the agreement He made with mankind, via Noah, not to ever destroy the world in such a way again.  So far God has kept his promise. 


Wishing y’all a Double-Rainbow Day! Stay Thirsty My Friends


25 responses to “Skywatch Friday

  1. That is a brilliant rainbow, beautiful shots! I saw a lovely double one on the way home two nights ago but was unable to capture it, I was stuck in a moving car and couldn’t stop. Round the next bend it had disappeared. But tonight I got a glorious sunset for next week.

    • Jackie, a very generous compliment from someone who constantly has their head up in the brilliant clouds! Thank You. I regularly find myself having to shoot from a moving vehicle too!

      PA, we creative types must always be prepared! 😉

  2. As an answer to your comment I can tell you that the sky was in rather good condition when we came back from our Alhambra visit . 🙂
    By the way the photo was taken through a window of a moving buss.

    You have been lucky with those rainbows, beautiful!
    Good weekend to you!

  3. This is why we all need to walk around with cameras attached to our bodies! What lucky, evocative shots–in what otherwise might have been an unlikely location.

  4. We did not get the Rainbows here in the IE but my daughter has a great photo of some over Sherman Oaks last Sunday evening. We did get to spin and dance in a few raindrops that day though,amazing how much we miss rain after that wet Winter last year,who knew!?!

  5. I was out taking photo after photo on Sunday, but the much blogged about rainbows were not in my VIEW . I just put up a post of what I saw – and felt….YES….raindrops!
    Check out my post, September Song, on VIEW which includes a song by that title!