Mystery History – Pasadena

I continue weekly Mystery History photo contests on my blog in honor of the Pasadena PIO, until that day she returns from her “sick leave”, and I can breathe a little easier.  She definitely has more energy to do this, and better too, than this dog.  I just pray the photographs which appear here have not previously been used on the  PIO’s history postings! 


MysteryHistory 090611a


Where are we? And what’s happening?
The first person to guess correctly will win a fabulous prize!
I’ll have the full scoop on Thursday


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13 responses to “Mystery History – Pasadena

  1. Now I have the clues, I can win the prize (not!). It was 1886, before the Rose Parade, and this was perhaps an early social group like the Ladies who Wear Pink and Purple. I still prefer my first guess.

    • I will unveil the Mystery behind these colorful bloggers, uh, ladies later today – after Obama speaks on the mystery of the missing jobs. Stay tune to this same station. Thk Y’all for your interest in History.

  2. Wms Hall is at Colo and Fairoaks, and when our daughter was little, someone actually invited us upstairs in that building to watch the Doodah parade – some 25 yrs ago or so.

  3. Participants in the first Doodah parade?

    A cobweb flash mob?

    Wait a minute,

    The Pasadena Broom Brigade at Williams Hall – the Pas. History museum had a pic of it in an exhibit a few years ago.

  4. All I can say to y’all is to “keep on guessing!” And also, you can thank The Pulled Porker, aka “Justin”, for giving a hint where you can find the answer to this weeks mystery photo. There are several books on Pasadena history, some with online access, which can make history buffs of even the worst of us – like me.

  5. Oh! Oh!

    Justin, it’s not cheating if you know.

    But oh! I’m going to take a wild guess. It’s 1913 and these women are training to be Pasadena’s first and last Witch Brigade.

    • I don’t think this exact pic is in that book. Are you talking about Early Pasadena? I did first see that photo (which is better/larger) but I couldn’t find it online to use it here. But later I found the above :smaller” foto on a couple of other websites including on a local SoCal history blog. So I compromised and used it instead here.

      Btw, Pulled Porker, you should start a Pasadena area culinary history blog!